Trends : Recognize a Chloé bag easily: discover all our tips

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Trends : Recognize a Chloé bag easily: discover all our tips

How to recognize a real Chloé bag?

Do you dream of treating yourself to a bag from the Parisian house Chloé, but you are afraid of finding a counterfeit? Discover all the elements to check to successfully recognize a Chloé bag.

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Recognize a Chloé bag in 3 tips

According to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published in March 2019, trade in counterfeit products has reached a record 460 billion euros per year. A victim of its own success, Chloé is one of the most copied brands. Whatever the model, it is essential to know how to recognize a real Chloé bag in order to avoid falling on a counterfeit. Recognizing a Chloé bag is not easy. To achieve this, here are several points to consider.

Check size and proportions

To recognize a Chloé bag, first look at the dimensions of the bag. Some counterfeits can be identified at first glance, only by being attentive to errors in proportions, or dimensions that do not correspond to those marketed. Counterfeiting can also be recognized by improper positioning of the handles, and improper length and style of shoulder strap. For example, on a real Chloé Paraty bag, the strap is flattened at the shoulder, which will not always be the case for counterfeit bags.

Control the quality of materials

The choice of materials is a major concern of the Maison Chloé. Both outside and inside, the materials must be of very good quality. In the case of a Chloé Marcie bag, if you notice that the bag is soft and has a plasticized appearance, it is a counterfeit. Indeed, the leather of a real Marcie bag is slightly rigid and the grain is more natural.

Examine the seams and finishes

To recognize a Chloé bag, the seams and finishes must be carefully examined. On a real Chloé bag, each stitch is made with precision. The Parisian house offers exceptional pieces where no seam defects are tolerated. If the thread is chipped, or the stitches are uneven, there is a good chance that it is a counterfeit.

Observe the details

Details can also help you recognize a Chloe bag. The fasteners, buttons and zippers of a bag from the Parisian house are of impeccable quality. If you notice that the zippers are chipping, or that the ring on the Tess bag is losing its shine, you better go your way. Also, metal that has started to oxidize, and metal parts that are poorly finished and poorly cut, can help you recognize a counterfeit bag.

Compare logo

Fashion houses pay great attention to their logo. This is why, looking closely at the details of the logo can greatly help you recognize a Chloé bag. Check that the typography of “Chloe” is correct, and that the logo is where it is supposed to be. Of course, any spelling mistake should immediately make you flee.

How to buy a real Chloé bag?

To buy a Chloé bag, you have two options: new or second hand. Opting for the second hand has advantages and disadvantages. Among the main drawbacks, buying from a fake can make your experience particularly unpleasant. To hope not to fall into the trap, knowing how to recognize a Chloé bag is essential. In addition to the aesthetic details discussed above, several tips are good to take in order to spot a scam:

  • Beware of too good deals: does the Daria bag catch your eye? Do you want to take to the streets with a Tess leather shoulder bag? Do you prefer the elegance of the Chloé C mini square bag? While you may dream of finding your favorite Chloe bag at a rock bottom price, chances are it is a fake.
  • Turn to well-known online shopping sites: Whether you want to buy new or used, it is best to go through online shopping sites that you already know. For example, on, the part you buy will undoubtedly be genuine. If you are not sure how to recognize a Chloé bag, it is better to get a new model on this type of e-commerce site. In case you still want to get into second hand shopping, consider taking a look at the site’s return and authentication policies.
  • Check the seller’s profile: on a person-to-person sales site, it is recommended to check the profile of the seller. Please feel free to look at the comments left on the profile and request additional photos. They will help you recognize the Chloé bag more easily, and especially to detect any inconsistencies.

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