Trends : Sexy black with touches or accessories in red

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Trends : Sexy black with touches or accessories in red

Sexy and chic black, here is the subject of this article. Why is black sexy? An investigation was launched and the publication of its results was revealing. It’s official ! Black clothes are what men and women prefer in almost any scenario, including the sexy one.

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Black alone is sexy, black with red accents is very sexy

The survey asked 1,000 people what colors they associate with various personality traits. Black came first or second in all of the positive qualities. It included confidence, intelligence and sensuality. Barely featured in less admirable features, arrogance.

sexy chic black dress

Men like them in black and women also prefer them in black!

The survey also revealed that black is the color that each gender appreciates the most in the other. 66% of women liked to see men in black. Black was the most popular color choice for women’s clothing among men.

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Sexy black and elements in red

A 2010 study by academics from the University of Liverpool and Charles University in Prague found that red and black were “associated with more attractive judgments.”

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People in this study saw pictures of people of the opposite sex. These were all identical except for the color of the t-shirt they were wearing.

black sexy red element dress

When it comes to women rating men, black came second in “Average Attractiveness Score” ratings, only a fraction behind red.

red sexy black chic dress

Women dressing in black are very chic!

When the men evaluated the women, black was clearly the winner.

black sexy elegant dress

Red and black were roughly equal in both searches for attractiveness, but red was associated much less with intelligence, and much more associated with arrogance, in the minds of participants.

red black sexy set

So if you need to give yourself an edge in upcoming dates, job interviews, or business meetings, wear black – science is on your side.

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Why wear black?

Black makes you look slimmer, so women love black. The black color makes you look stylish and highlights the whole look. Black outfits are easy to carry and maintain. They give you the sexiest look ever, when the black color is mixed with highlights.

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And even if you associate black with another color …

No color looks so good unless it goes with the boldness of black. Pair any color with black and you will see that your outfit will look wonderful. Match any color with black. You really don’t have to think much about this color because any color is absolutely cool with it.

sexy black dress colorful top

Black to the rescue!

Black to the rescue. When you are really in doubt about a color, just look for black in your cabinet. As it is suitable for almost any purpose, it can be worn with great ease. In fact, the color becomes bold and confident for you and the whole look. So what are you waiting for – time to get blacks into your wardrobe.

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For a chic look

Switch to the latest fad that is changing in the fashion world almost every day. Wear this ultra-modern color to sport the hottest and most desired look. Adopt a classy and sophisticated look with black. We also see Bollywood stars following this magical mantra to achieve the most elegant look. Now with the black color you can also look stunning in your outfit.

sexy black summer dress

For a super confident look

This color not only makes you look amazingly sexy, but also gives you confidence. This is because black is all about trust and worth. To be unique and stylish in the way you dress, you must choose black.

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Sexy black all year round

The color black is not a seasonal color. You can opt for the color black at any time of the year. This color looks absolutely sexy and gorgeous when paired with the beautiful color scheme. It goes to everyone. Perfect for business meetings, occasional outings with friends, aperitifs, etc.

sexy black street dress

After sexy black, which color do you prefer?

Red and blue take after black in the rankings for attractiveness, performing better with survey respondents than any other shade. Men cite blue as one of their top choices to wear on a first date. As for women, they agree that they like a man in blue, that is, if a man in black is not available. Red is the favorite color of men and women for women.

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There are those who prefer to dress to convey their intelligence rather than their self-esteem, and there is also a color for that: black. Once again, respondents of both sexes were very clear that black, followed by blue and red, mostly evokes intellectual depth. Imagine Sartre in canary yellow or Proust in pink, and the association of dark colors with serious thought becomes clear.

red dress black elements

When it comes to which colors to avoid, the results are just as clear. Brown and orange are good for chocolate and traffic cones, but not for people, and pink is best left on Barbie. For almost all other people and occasions, black is the safest and the best. Best of all, this color will never go out of style.

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Red after black or better yet, black combined with red

Red is the color of passion and power. If you want to convince or impress someone, this is the color for you. All shades of bright red draw attention to the wearer. People tend to associate vibrant color with energy, movement, and excitement. Those who wear red often are bright, easily excitable, slightly self-centered, and also addictive.

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