Trends : some modern outfit ideas in 2020

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Trends : some modern outfit ideas in 2020

long pants with prints

Yes, our plans for summer 2020 may be a little different than usual, but the sun is still shining, the temperatures are rising, and we sweat every time we put on jeans and a blouse. So it’s probably time to change your seasonal wardrobe and start putting on our women’s summer clothes according to the occasion. And if you’re like us and you never know what to wear, then this article is for you.

The warm months are the time to take out our most beautiful summer clothes for women and attract all eyes

outfit idea with shorts

New season – new wardrobe. Summer is the time to go for new looks and try on new women’s summer clothes and interesting outfits. You would be relieved to know that the ideas and inspirations on Instagram and in the street style galleries are simply endless. From vibrant colors to matching pieces, this season’s hottest trends and the warm-weather-ready outfit ideas below are ready to settle into your wardrobe. So which look are you going to try?

Women’s summer clothing: jeans shorts worn with a bell-sleeve blouse

woman summer clothes with blouse

Denim shorts with bell sleeves

This idea of ​​summer clothes for women is so beautiful that we don’t know where to start! Blouses and blouses with bell sleeves inspired by the iconic look of Brigitte Bardot are very trendy for summer 2020. You can opt for a top of this style in white color and with embroidery and embellishments or why not for a vibrant color which will attract all eyes to you. Combine your bell sleeve blouse with denim shorts and a panama hat and you will have a perfect outfit for going to the beach or sipping a cocktail in a bar overlooking the sea. It is perfect for the day and for the evenings. refreshing!

The summer cardigan is always in fashion and always useful for cooler evenings

summer clothes for women: vest

Cardigan, patterned shorts and top

For a casual look that still keeps you looking really nice and pretty, you can try the look that combines a cardigan, patterned shorts and a top. For example, you can opt for floral patterned shorts which are very trendy this summer and a simple white top worn with a wide summer cardigan. This is a very breezy and light casual look here. Wear these women’s summer clothes with your hair tied up or loose or even without shoes for a walk at the beach by the sea.

The off-the-shoulder dress is a must-have classic in the summer wardrobe

woman summer clothes with shoulderless dress

Off-the-shoulder summer dress

Off the shoulders are so trendy for the hot summer months and classic at the same time that you can not not include them in the outfit ideas we offer you. You can find off-the-shoulder dresses of all kinds: short, mini, long, midi, wide, close to the body, striped, floral – it all depends on your personal preferences. Once you find the off-the-shoulder dress of your dreams, you can wear it in combination with your sunglasses and your loose hair for a casual look. And if you want to be even sexier, wear your dress with the hair in a bun and your lipstick in vibrant red color.

The ruffle dress in a bright color is always a great idea for the summer vacation

summer woman clothes with long dress

Long maxi dress with ruffles

It’s impossible to talk about women’s summer clothing and not to mention the maxi ruffle maxi dress. Choose the ruffle dress that highlights you and gives you a light and elegant silhouette. The ruffles can be around the neckline or along the length of the dress and if you go for floral patterns in bright colors then you will be fine! This dress is the perfect outfit for a summer dinner party. It can be worn with hair in a bun or with loose hair for a little more relaxed look.

Sexy dress in black for hot summer evenings

woman summer clothes with black dress

Short dress with lace up front

In case you are looking for a little more sophisticated and sexier summer clothes for women to wear for the warmer months, then a black lace up front mini dress is the perfect choice. You can opt for a dress with a plunging neckline, thin laces in the front and a corset style for even more elegance as in the photo. Wear your dress with a tall hat and with your hair down for even more effect. It is a very glamorous look that aims to highlight your figure perfectly.

idea for summer woman clothes

Top with straps, shorts and heels

Shorts and heels are an unbeatable combination for every summer. Shorts worn with heels lengthen the figure and the legs look even more beautiful. This style is even more beautiful thanks to the strappy top which is extremely flattering and combines perfectly well with the beige shorts. You can finish your look with an elongated summer cardigan and stylish heels for an ultra modern look this summer.

woman summer clothes with dress in blue

Short baby blue dress with bare shoulders

Baby blue is a great color for summer, which is why we love dresses in this color with off the shoulders. Opt for a blue mini dress with ruffles around the shoulders and decorated with embroidery for a very romantic look. You can wear this dress with a straw hat around the beach or on your summer vacation or with heels and a stylish little bag on a walk in the city.

woman summer clothes with pants

Printed pants

Printed pants are a real must-have for every summer vacation. This type of pants are not only extremely comfortable and suitable for every type of occasion, but they are also very stylish. You can wear your pants with a simple top, flat sandals or with stylish heels and with your glasses for a cooler look. Add a large hat to it to be even more trendy.

woman summer clothes with skirt

Suede skirt and printed t-shirt

Suede skirts have been a huge trend for a while now, and when paired with a classic printed t-shirt, this outfit becomes the perfect choice for every occasion in summer. You can even tie your t-shirt on one side if you want to wear it closer to the body and look more relaxed. Wear this outfit with sandals or summer boots for an even more beautiful result. This look is perfect for going to an outdoor concert in the summer or going out to a club at night.

woman summer clothes with linen pants

White linen pants with a crop top

Linen is arguably the perfect material for summer women’s clothing that keeps the body cool. Linen is a light and super comfortable material and we love linen pants for summer. So if you find your perfect pair of linen pants, wear them with a printed crop top for a sexy and super modern look, perfect for a night out or a meal in a restaurant. Add black colored accessories to create a statement and wear your hair loose.

plaid summer dress

Gingham dress and easy-to-slip shoes

Wearing a gingham dress with easy slip on shoes is the perfect look if you are invited to a barbecue for example and want to look pretty but not overdressed. You can very easily combine this type of dress with different accessories such as a necklace with oak trees, bracelets, a summer scarf. Wear your dress with shoes or sandals that you can easily take off before taking a dip in the pool.

wide summer pants

Graphic T-shirt, wide pants and belt

Here is another perfect outfit for a barbecue in the garden or for a walk on Sunday. And no, every summer outfit doesn’t have to include a dress or a pair of short shorts, and not every summer day has to be too hot. So if you are looking for something longer or warmer while keeping the summer theme, you could very well try a pair of wide cropped pants. Your graphic t-shirt is also a perfect piece to wear with this type of pants.

elegant dress for summer

Modern tank dress and sandals

The tank dress is a super easy dress to put on and wear over a swimsuit, so it’s perfect for a day at the beach and for whatever else you’ve been planning after. Replace your slides and thongs with modern sandals that will really stand out when worn with this simple dress. Wear this outfit with tied hair and your favorite pair of glasses.

idea for summer outfit

Oversized sweatshirt, satin skirt and sandals

While it can be hot during the day in summer, the evenings around the sea can sometimes be very chilly. Be prepared for the cooler summer days and evenings by wearing an oversized sweatshirt but combining it with a nice satin skirt to stay super stylish. Strappy sandals can be worn with this outfit to complement your look. Opt for sandals in a vibrant color to create a nice contrast.

idea for summer outfit with t-shirt

White t-shirt, jeans shorts, shoulder bag and bucket hat

The white t-shirt in combination with jeans shorts and shoulder bag is undoubtedly an eternal and classic combination. And it’s very likely that you already have all of these pieces in your closet. The shoulder bag is enough to keep all the essentials, while the very fashionable bucket hat for this summer will protect your face from the sun. Little bonus: This outfit will combine very well with almost any type of shoe, no matter if it’s tap dancing or sneakers.

summer dress with floral prints

Dress with puff sleeves, sneakers and glasses

The light cotton dress is something very cool and very easy to put on before going out, but the puffed sleeves will make it look even more modern and trendy. Also, if you are planning to take a longer walk, sneakers are always a great choice. And don’t forget your glasses!

summer outfit with modern dress

Tank style dress, metallic earrings and shoes

Effortless, beautiful and sexy – this look has all the elements to help make sure you are a real eye-catcher. And if you like heels, you can very well opt for metallic heeled sandals for a more elegant alternative. Combine with earrings for the bling-bling side.

what to wear in summer

Matching shorts and top and modern heels

We relied well on the matching pieces when we were confined to our house, but apart from being too easy to wear, the matching pieces are also very fashionable and perfect for all types of occasions. You can give your matching outfit a boost by wearing heels embellished with feathers or jewelry or even with accessories to give your outfit a personalized look.

work outfit for summer

Button-down blouse, beige pants and heels

Unfortunately, in addition to going on vacation, in summer we also have to go to the office to work. The button-down blouse, beige pants and heels are an always fashionable combination perfect for hot days behind the office. It’s a sleek and professional look and the pants will keep you warm if the air conditioning is very strong.

Here are a few more suggestions for summer looks to try no matter if you’re spending your summer by the sea or in town:

shirt with cold shoulders shirt with front bow idea for a bustier-combination idea for a woman jumpsuit idea for an elegant summer look idea for a teniue vacation ripped jeans with white t-shirt modern jeans skirt original skirt for women idea for paper bag skirt professional summer lookwide pants for summer ruffle dress for women white dress for summer short dress in white dress with ethno patterns frous-frous dress for women printed dress with sneakers idea for floral dress idea for a matching outfit black and white outfit beachwear for women modern top for summer

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