Trends : some suitable outfit ideas

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Trends : some suitable outfit ideas

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Is there something more scary and more exciting than the first date? Will I please him? What should I do if there is a lull in the conversation? What should I wear ?! While there is not much you can do to answer these questions, knowing what to wear should not cause you panic, although it can be a bit difficult in summer when the high temperatures don’t help us much.

What is the most appropriate outfit for the first date?

elegant dress in black

To help you highlight the clothes in your wardrobe and avoid collapsing just before the first date, we suggest you read the advice in this article. And knowing that we are all visual beings and that it only takes 30 seconds to make a good first impression, it is important to dress so that you feel beautiful and also comfortably. It is also very important not to dress like someone that you are not really.

For your first date you must remain true to yourself

idea with black shirt

Stay true to yourself

You may be tempted to go and buy new clothes, the first date is not really the right time to test a new look. The best thing you can do is to choose something that you already have in your wardrobe and that you feel good with.

Modern jeans worn with a bare shoulder blouse is sometimes a perfect combination for a date

long-sleeved blouse for the first date

The best advice for a first date is to stay yourself. The style is the representation of who you are and the first meetings and also the next ones are the moment to show what makes you unique. A great choice would be, for example, a nice vintage t-shirt, a nice pair of high-waisted jeans and trendy boots. This look is comfortable and cool and will allow you to stay true to yourself and avoid overdoing it.

Always choose a color outfit that highlights you

modern jumpsuit for summer

For the first romantic date, dress comfortably

The location of your appointment and the activity you have planned should be your guide when it comes to choosing your outfit. Choose something easy like a summer dress and a pair of sneakers or jeans or a nice top. Are you going to dinner? Now is the time to wear something sexier if you want to. But no matter what you choose, make sure you are comfortably in it. Because otherwise how will you manage to concentrate on getting to know your partner better if you are constantly wondering if your skirt is not too short or if your jeans are too tight.

To go to a cafe, jeans and the top are the formula of success whatever the season

jeans and white top

But don’t wear something that’s not your size

Comfortable does not mean too big or too wide, however. The clothes that are your size and that are suitable for your body shape are always the best choice. Women who feel embarrassed or dislike the way clothing sticks to their skin often wear larger styles to try to hide parts of their bodies that they don’t like. Instead of doing this, consider wearing something that enhances your body and accentuates the parts of your body that you love. You can always go for a larger, more comfortable outfit, but remember that wearing baggy pants is not the same as wearing something without much form.

Here is an appropriate outfit for an appointment after work

modern pencil skirt

Do not go on a first date in love wearing your work clothes

If you have a date just after work and you don’t have time to change your outfit, then choose something that can easily be adapted with just a few small touches. That way if you speak for work, you are not going to be stressed all the time. The simple skirt, a colorful shirt and a blazer are a great choice and all you should do before your date is take off the blazer.

The white t-shirt will be your best friend for summer dates

leopard print skirt

Choose a color that highlights you

Is there a color you wear and you always get compliments with? Or a shade that makes you shine? So this is the color you should wear on your first date. Go for something in which you already know you feel good and which is also colorful and will catch your eye.

Black and white skirt worn with a white top

printed midi skirt

And if you’re ever wondering how far you can go on the sexy side, then it’s all up to you. It’s simply a question of balance: an attractive mix of caution and sex appeal. For example, if you’re wearing a shorter skirt, consider combining it with a slightly more conservative top. And if you go for something shorter at the top, then combine with a maxi skirt or jeans.

Here is an original combination if you want to be sexy and relaxed at the same time

modern jeans in blue

Is there a style to avoid during the first date?

During the first meeting it is better not to show too much. Avoid extremes such as ultra modern outfits or excessively heavy makeup. The minimum and the natural are always the best choice for the first date. If you want to wear something shorter, try balancing the outfit with something in the long sleeve and low heels. And in case you decide to wear something on the backless, compensate with a maxi skirt or jeans. It may seem obvious to you, but it will save you a lot of time. Remember: if the clothes you want to wear require constant adjustment or double tape, leave them at home and go for something else.

White is the color of summer and it’s super versatile

modern white jumpsuit

How to make a good impression?

To make a good first impression, be yourself and be confident. This is also what guarantees you a second meeting. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Because it’s all about having confidence and if you like what you wear, it will show. So go for clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself. What you need to do is show yourself. Do not wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with holes if you usually wear feminine dresses and vice versa.

Jeans shorts and stylish top for those hot days

first date

Some formulas for first date outfits that work well:

First formula: Shirt dress + fun shoes

If you’ve planned your first date during the work week and you know you don’t have time to change your work clothes before the date, you can always go for a classic shirt dress and spice it up. a little things with shoes in bright and modern color. This outfit is super comfortable and easy to wear. And if you ever feel too tight or hot, you can always remove a button. In case you find this outfit a little too casual for you, then put a blaze on it. You can opt for this outfit even during weekends if you are looking for an easy and comfortable option.

trendy outfit idea

Second formula: elegant blouse + relaxed jeans + mid high heels

If you live inside your jeans but you want to make them a little more ‘dressed’ for your first romantic date, then opt for a wrap-around top or for something in a material like silk or lace . Then add a pair of mid-heeled shoes to balance comfort and elegance. This style can very well be called the chameleon because it is both elegant and casual and you are not going to wonder if you are overdressed or underdressed. It’s a look you can go for whenever you’re not sure what to dress for. On top of that, this look has lots of different versions because all you need to do to get a new look is to replace the blouse.

fashionable jeans

Third formula: printed skirt + T-shirt + flat shoes

This look is simply cheeky enough to turn heads and sits right in the middle between the jumper and the reflective. This outfit is perfect for all those who love skirts but also the casual and comfortable style. You can opt for a mini or midi length printed skirt according to your preferences in combination with a simple half-t-shirt and then ballet flats or Mary Janes.

high waisted jeans and black blouse

Fourth formula: top for going out + high waist jeans + low heels

This formula is really very successful because it combines the optimal, the easy comfort and the sexy and fun pieces. The accent piece here is the top for going out. It doesn’t matter if you opt for something more fluid or with a more fitted cut, strapless or bare shoulders, with sequins or frills, make sure you choose the top that enhances you and makes you want to have fun.

gingham skirt and top

Fifth formula: fluid midi dress + sneakers

This look is super easy to complete. The lightweight midi dress is the perfect thing to wear when you run out of ideas and are looking for comfort without having to compromise style. In reality, this formula seems to be the one that will earn you the most compliments even if it will cost you the least effort. If you are going to be walking a lot and you want to feel comfortable, you can always opt for classic white sneakers. Otherwise, the shoes to wear this summer dress with are strappy sandals. On top of that, this look offers an easy transition from day to night.

high waist pants

Sixth formula: silk tank top + jeans shorts or jeans skirt + mules

If it’s too hot to wear pants but you like the comfort and the feeling that denim provides, then you can very well opt for a denim skirt or denim shorts depending on what you prefer. The silk tank top will introduce a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic into your outfit and a pair of low heel mules will also give this outfit even more elegance. Breathable, light and chic, it’s the perfect outfit for a first date regardless of the activity you are going to practice.

first date

Seventh formula: bold blouse + skirt + sneakers

Opt for a fun and original printed shirt and a mini skirt with sneakers. Choose what you like, no matter if you think your partner may not like it. All you need to do is try to stay yourself.

clothes for the first date jeans for the first date be modern for the first date orange dress for the first date shorts for the first date elegant outfit for the first date trendy outfit for the first date silk top for the first date white dress for summer shirt dress in black floral dress for summer printed dress for summer black midi dress modern outfit for summer white chorts and black shirt elegant outfit with leopard skirt elegant and modern outfit modern top and jeans elegant blouse and jeans modern outfit for summer elegant and casual outfit idea for white outfit idea for a striped dress white polka dot dress idea with ruffle dress held for the first date jeans skirt and white blouse idea for modern outfit idea for a modern dress modern floral jumpsuit

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