Trends : Summer outfit for women: 3 novelties to discover

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Trends : Summer outfit for women: 3 novelties to discover

The current season offers us plenty of beautiful ideas for fresh looks, both when it comes to urban fashion, womenswear trends and clothing options. summer outfit for the beach. Here are 3 new features that particularly appeal to us!

3 summer outfit trends for women to absolutely adopt this season

After an eventful period caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the summer of 2021 seems to offer us a pleasant little break. The fashion trends for this season reflect this general atmosphere which is expressed through daring colors, romantic outfits or through a series of prints inspired by the 80s and 90s.

Daring colors

neon color trendy woman summer outfit

Many fashion collections for summer 2021 focus on a selection of fresh and daring colors. Neon shades, which began to prevail at the beginning of spring, are associated with touches of pastel shades but also with outfits in neutral colors and, in particular, white and beige. It’s a trend that echoes the 80s and 90s and that we particularly like!

Romantic style

romantic style woman summer outfit

This year again, the romantic style outfits are among the most popular options for hot days. The romantic style takes elements of hippie and bohemian chic fashion, while leaving us a lot of freedom, both in terms of the combination of colors and the ways to complete your look with various accessories. And it is probably for this reason that he continues to seduce us!

Accents inspired by the 80s and 90s

women's clothing trends summer 2021

We talked about bright colors and neon shades as a throwback to the ’80s and’ 90s. Now here is another revival of that period: printed in bright colors. Often abstract or geometric, these patterns can also take shapes that remind us of vacations and moments of relaxation at the beach (tropical leaves, palm trees, exotic islands, etc.). To adopt them, we associate a patterned outfit with jeans, with a denim skirt or even with a clear top!

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