Trends : The 2020 look inspires that of 2021: comfy and confined

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Trends : The 2020 look inspires that of 2021: comfy and confined

Milan street fashion checkered jacket 2020 2021

What was the 2020 look that will follow us in 2021? Come for an inspiring stroll through the streets of Copenhagen, London and Milan to find the answer to this question. Let’s go !

London street style woman outfit

The 2020 look in 50 inspiring images

2020 is a year that has had an impact on all areas of society. Fashion including. For a while now we have been exploring the return to the 90s. Everything is comfy, wide and r’n’b cool. When we arrived in 2020, we not only had confirmation of this fashion trend, but also the ideal conditions to explore it: at home, everyone, confined and comfortably installed on the sofas. Or maybe not all, but still … Comfort is therefore developed in the gallery of images to discover. Zoom on the best fall 2020 looks.

copenhagen street style woman

What is the style of cold days in 2020?

Well, it’s a relaxed and elegant style at the same time. The clothes are meant to be a larger idea than usual. Comfort is to be preferred. We opt for a large cocoon coat and oversized scarves. Comfort, comfort and once again comfort!

copenhagen street style woman look 2020

2020 was not an easy year and it will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time. This year, which many find depressing and boring, has indeed positively influenced the outfits. Since we spend a lot of time at home, we need to be chic and comfortably dressed at the same time. This is why tight clothes are no longer too high on the list. We opt for wide pants, blouses, sweaters and jackets. Finally, everything is allowed as usual, but you get the idea you should feel good about it.

look 2020 long coat copenhagen street style woman

Superimposed layers: the art of layering

Layering, translated superposition in French, is a clever technique to have a stylish and cocoon look at the same time. But what is it all about? Well, you may have already understood it: we layer the clothes and play with the textures. We let the shirt go beyond the jacket, the t-shirt go beyond the down jacket. There are really many options. You should not dare to experiment in order to find your own style of dress.

copenhagen street style woman


Neon was particularly fashionable this year, but it did not match the mood of international depression or on the contrary? In autumn, we always go for pastel and warm shades. We need to warm up! Finally, all colors are allowed. The main thing is to match them in a way that suits our mood. The 2020 – 2021 look is also an experienced look.

copenhagen street style woman

The materials and the 2020 look

We play with textures. They want to be natural and soft. Organic cotton, wool, merino, cashmere, modal… We all know that there is nothing better than the touch of a soft and organic material. This is part of the comfort sought for the 2020 look.

woman street stlye copenhagen

This fall, we dare the long and expressive coats. Combined with a skirt, pants or dress, long coats are always a style statement. Don’t forget to put on a pair of beautiful leather ankle boots.

woman street stlye copenhagen

Leather pants are an interesting and timeless fashion item. After losing his success for a little while, he’s been back on the fashion shows for a few years now. Leather comes in all shapes and sizes to make any outfit stylish. Skirt, shorts, pants, jacket, shirt or shoes: it’s up to you how to integrate leather into your look.

woman street stlye copenhagen

The shoes

Thigh-high boots and long boots have always been in fashion. In addition, they are perfect for keeping warm! A little advice: it is better to try on the pair of shoes chosen on the spot. Everyone’s feet are very special, and it’s hard to tell how comfortable a shoe is online.

woman fashion look 2021

These black leather heeled boots are gorgeous. This year the shoes are going up and so are we.

women coat fashion style handbag

The faux fur coat always reminds us of Bridgitte Bardot. It has a very 60s side, can’t you think of it? For an unparalleled look, combine your faux fur coat or jacket with a pair of ’90s-style sneakers.

super cool street style casual jacket and pants

The high collar: your best friend in autumn and winter

When it’s cold we need to warm up. With a scarf or a high neck sweater, the choice is yours. The stand-up collar is one of the best style statements. It makes any outfit a more chic and mysterious idea. Combine it with a cool pair of jeans, denim pants, a long denim skirt and a nice pair of ankle boots.

the style

Gray is not really a color in the true sense of the word. It is arguably the most neutral shade, but also very elegant. It is often chosen as the dominant shade for modern interiors. Why not dress all in gray this fall? It’s stylish and then you can always add a black sweater with a high neck.

stylish coat

The combinations: how we love them! Ultra comfortable and cute, we wear them for all occasions.

London fashion street style woman

Checks are still on trend.

They are however less present in the 2020-2021 outfits. The checkered patterns are discreet and serve as a small elegant accent.

London street style 2020 fall look

They say that to be comfortable in your clothes, you should always go a size above. Tight clothes have always been sexy, but it’s arguably much more alluring to feel comfortable in your outfit. Affirm your own style, appropriate the clothes you wear. We all had at least one outfit that gave us such comfort that we never wanted to part with it. You see, the 10-year-old sweatshirt that will always be our little wardrobe love.

woman skirt london street style 2020 autumn look

We love this casual yet stylish outfit: a long skirt with an improbable pattern, a motorcycle-style leather jacket and a cap-shaped bag.

London street style 2020 fall chic look

Lightweight, stylish and heeled. Light pink is a shade that makes the skin glow.

London street style 2020 fall chic look

The floral patterns contrast perfectly with a black outfit.

London street style 2020 fall elegant look

The jacket and the boots – our favorite!

London street style 2020 autumn long coat lookLondon street style 2020 fall looklong checked jacket

A classic and timeless coat

fall look outfit idea 2020

The trench coat is a classic fashion item. Anyone who loves crimi stories has had a stylish treanch coat at least once in their life. It’s perfect for rainy London-style days.

fall look outfit idea 2020

The puff coat, called the doudoune in French, is the garment that is first associated with the word comfort, especially when it is cold outside. This fall, the down jacket is everywhere. It’s short, long, super short, super long, wide sleeve, classic sleeve and comes in a variety of shades. The puffed coat is a practical garment that does not lack its own aesthetic. However, it is more associated with the everyday wardrobe than that of special occasions. Matched with the right belt and beautiful tops and bottoms, the down jacket can also become chic.

fall look outfit idea 2020

Long live purple! Unisex and magical color, purple is a shade with character.

coat women fall 2020

The faux fur jacket can be wonderfully matched with a pair of jeans, slim, wide or boyfriend style.

modern style green pants green sweater

The jumpsuit looks futuristic and can be very stylish combined with the right pair of shoes.

leather pants look fashion street style 2020

Leather pants never go unnoticed.
look 2020 street style milan

The pockets are so comfortable! Instead of bothering with small bags, all you need is good pockets and the ability to carry little with you.

street style Milan 2020 fashionstreet style 2020 woman look

Neutral tones

look 2020 street style fashion street Milanfall winter look 2020 2021

A look to crack, a look to steal!

Milan fashion mode street style 2020

Military-style clothes have long invaded wardrobes. Camouflage jacket, wide pants with cargo pockets, ankle boots and thick platform leather boots.

Milan women pants trend 2020

Milan street style white coatstylish black outfitstreet style look 2020handbag style red jacket

Red and white: a always fun and bright combination.

Milan fashion style 2020 look

This see-through skirt adds a magical edge to the classic jacket and beret.

Milan fashion style 2020 look

A stylish and simple everyday outfit. Leopard print, denim and a long black jacket – perfect.

Milan fashion style 2020 look

Unparalleled style! The jeans, the ankle boots, the knitted jersey and the red lacquered jacket… It’s a definitive statement of unparalleled style.

London street style fashion 2020

The snake pattern always reminds us of the movie Snake Eyes. It is also always associated with style and is often part of the wardrobe of almost all major fashion designers. And you, what do you think ?

street style london binoculars outfit

The cape is stylish, light and ideal for cool days. We love how these two women matched their checkered outfits.

white jacket black dress style outfit woman street style

Faux shearling jackets and coats have always been the hit of the season. It is cozy, cute and practical for the cold winter days. In addition, you can match it with a wide variety of clothes: skirt, pants, jumpsuit, type, dress and others.

Milan look woman outfit

Botanical motifs are worn a lot by women as well as by men. We love their refreshing, tropical and warm side, and you? Combine the botanical designs with clothes in dark or light colors, both work great.

street style look woman outfit

Black and white: a classic and always elegant wedding.

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