Trends : the clothes of Queen Elizabeth II during the years

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Trends :

the clothes of Queen Elizabeth II during the years

Queen Elizabeth II fashion trends

In recent years, the British royal family is increasingly associated with fashion trends. Princess Diana and the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, Catherine and Meghan, are each regarded as icons of fashion and as inspirational figures in this regard. But long before them, Queen Elizabeth II was, for her part, such an exemplary figure.

Fashion file: Queen Elizabeth II during the years

Queen Elizabeth II fashion horse picture

In our fashion brief this week, we go back to fashion and Queen Elizabeth II of England. Take a look at her outfits and discover the evolution of the queen and her wardrobe over the years!

Queen Elizabeth II and her choice of outfits through the years

If you are interested in the history of the British royal family or have followed the series The Crown from Netlfix, you probably know that Queen Elizabeth II was not always destined to ascend the throne. Since her coronation, Elizabeth has gradually imposed her own style.

The outfits in bright colors

Catherine Duchess Cambridge Elizabeth II style

In recent years, the Queen of England has imposed a characteristic look. It is recognizable in particular by the brightly colored outfits that are highly prized by the Elizabeth II. According to several sources, this choice of colors is not a coincidence. The queen has adopted them especially to stand out more easily, especially when it moves during its daily commitments. With brightly colored outfits, Elizabeth II is easy to spot in crowds and photos.

For this reason, Elizabeth II can often be seen wearing brightly colored outfits during the day. On the other hand, at formal dinners and other events in the evening, she replaces her outfits with glamorous dresses.


Elizabeth II style fashion

The royal style, which is that of Princess Diana and the duchesses Catherine and Meghan, always corresponds to precise rules dictated by the royal etiquette. For example, on the pictures in our gallery, you will see that Queen Elizabeth II often wears gloves. In addition to being a fashion accessory, gloves are used to protect the hands of the queen when she has to shake hands with many people on her travels.


Queen of England Elizabeth II outfits

The handbag is another typical accessory of Queen Elizabeth II's wardrobe. Royal etiquette specialists explain that the Queen of England still relies on similar handbag designs. In addition to completing his outfit, these are also used to communicate to his entourage specific messages through a code developed over the years.


1998 Queen UK Fashion Kingdom

In the minds of many people, the wardrobe of the British royal family is associated with a particular accessory: the crown. And, indeed, we have all seen Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex wear wreaths on the occasion of various events.

Like the rest of fashion accessories, crowns have a meaning. They are worn only in the evening, which means they can not complete daywear. In addition, the crowns are reserved only for married women who are part of the royal family.

Kate Middleton held British monarchy

In the gallery below, you can see more photos of the Queen of England and her choice of outfits over the years.

Fashion file: Queen Elizabeth II through the years

Queen Elizabeth young photos

Child, the young princess is dressed royal dress in 1932

Elizabeth II with her dog images

Since childhood, the future queen loves dogs

Elizabeth II child pictures

In casual dress with her favorite corgis

  Crowning King George Father Elizabeth II

Family with his father, King George, who will inherit as Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II on horseback

One of the passions of the queen is horse riding

Pictures of the royal family

In black and white photo with members of the royal family

Elizabeth II Second World War

During the Second World War, the Queen wore a tailored outfit as a member of the Auxiliary Territoial Service.

Glamorous Queen of England Dress

In formal evening dress, the young Elizabeth II is photographed during an outing

Royal fashion

Queen of England silk dress

Royal Fashion: A photo of the young Elizabeth II with an elegant silk dress

Marriage of Queen Elizabeth II

Like other members of the royal family, the future Queen of England poses for a photo following her marriage to Prince Philippe

Elizabeth II youth photos

The queen is photographed with her baby and her husband Prince Philip

Royal dresses held Elizabeth II

In 1950, the queen wears a set of blue color with matching accessories

Royal Family England photos

In 1952, the queen is photographed with an official dress wearing her insignia and a crown

Elizabeth Queen Evening Dress

A nice fashion example of the British royal family with an evening dress and matching accessories

The Queen Elizabeth II evening dress

Queen Elizabeth II has only worn bright colors throughout her life. Here she is photographed in dark green color with gloves and accessories in white.

Coronation Queen Elizabeth II

On the occasion of her coronation, the Queen of England carries the symbols of royal power. In this picture, we see it with the royal crown.

Queen Elizabeth II has always been aware of the importance of her public image

Elizabeth II young black and white photo

In 1960, a black-and-white photograph shows us the queen dressed in a light-colored long dress worthy of a fairy tale.

Elizabeth II pink pastel dress

Before opting for brightly colored outfits, the Queen of England also wore dresses in pastel shades. This image dates from the early 60s of the twentieth century. Elizabeth II wears a light pink dress.

Pictures of the Royal Family England

Queen Elizabeth II has always been aware of the importance of her public image. The choice of outfits in bright colors is part of this image. In this photo, we can easily see the queen who is the only one to wear a bright blue outfit.

Queen Elizabeth II Prince Charles Diana Two fashion icons of different generations: the young princess Diana is here photographed with the Queen of England and her son, Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II fashion outfits The royal etiquette does not only concern the queen but all members of the royal family. These are generally required to harmonize their outfits, especially when taken in photos together, as here Queen Elizabeth II with her husband, Prince Philip.

Meghan Queen Elizabeth II Fashion

Since the marriage of Prince Harry with the Duchess of Sussex, it has gradually imposed itself as an icon of fashion in turn. The official outings of the royal family played an important role in this regard. In this photo, we can see the young family of Sussex with the Queen of England wearing a bright shades of blue.

James Bond Queen Elizabeth

The Queen's official activities also include appointments and hearings with famous people, like here with Daniel Craig. For this occasion, Elizabeth II opted for an outfit in pastel shades.

The outfits of the royal family are harmonized with each other

Royal Family Great Britain

The outfits of the royal family are harmonized with each other but they are also accorded to the seasons of the year. For example, shades of yellow, green and pink are usually worn during warmer months, such as spring and summer.

2018 Queen England costume

Queen Elizabeth II often wears gloves during her official outings. According to fashion experts and royal etiquette, gloves are not a mere accessory. They are supposed to protect the queen and her hands when she meets many people. In this picture, the queen also wears her favorite handbag brand Launer. According to some information, the handbag is used by his majesty to communicate with his entourage in a subtle way.

2012 official dress Queen of England

The official evenings are an opportunity for the queen to replace her dresses in bright colors with glamorous dresses. She completes her outfits with harmonized accessories, like here shoes and a purse in metallic color. In the evening, the queen can also wear her favorite accessory, the gloves. 2011 Queen Elizabeth's outfits

Historically, gloves are part of official dress not only for the British royal family but also for the nobility in Europe. They were an essential element of court fashion in France and England. Elizabeth chose to continue this tradition that has not been so popular with the youngest members of the royal family.

The queen does not only wear bright colors

2010 Queen Elizabeth II Fashion

The queen does not only wear bright colors. In this image, she opted for a timeless combination of black and white.

2008 official dress Queen of England

The crown is an iconic accessory of the monarchy. It is not worn every day and can only be adopted by married women.

His majesty rarely wears black

2006 Elizabeth II blue dress

If you look closely at the images in our gallery, you will notice that his majesty rarely wears black. According to specialists, this is so because black is a color worn especially in the event of death. For official occasions, members of the royal family adopt other dark shades, such as blue and green.

2005 Elizabeth II Camilla

Hats and similar accessories often complement the hairstyles of women of the royal family. This tradition has its origins in the distant past. She is still observed by the youngest members of the British royal family.

2004 British royal family fashion outfit

Queen Elizabeth II gives her outfit with the occasion and with the season

2002 British royal family fashion outfit

Her Majesty's official outfits are also accompanied by small accessories, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Formal outfits of Queen Elizabeth II of England

Small handbags are favored by all women in the royal family. Elizabeth II Evening Dress

His majesty is known for his choice of bold colors but always appropriate.

Queen dress bright color

The Queen of England can also combine a neutral color outfit with a touch of bright shade for her official outings.

Royal Family England Outfits

When traveling outside Great Britain, members of the British royal family often opt for outfits, colors and accessories that showcase local cultures. Dresses of Queen Elizabeth II of England

When it comes to bright colors, Queen Elizabeth II does not fail to choose appropriate accessories to harmonize her outfit.

Elizabeth II sportswear

Young, Elizabeth has always loved riding and walks. You can see many pictures of this period of the Queen's life wearing more casual outfits. She often accompanies them with accessories that protect her hair.

Elizabeth II young photos

Elizabeth's outfits are typically characterized by their conservative style.

British royal family photos

In the photos, the queen is easy to spot with her bright or light color.

England casual dress

Queen of England official visit dresses

Queen Elizabeth Ball Gown Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II

Elizabeth II yellow dress

Elizabeth II queen young photos

British style Elizabeth II dresses

Long dresses Queen of England

Official dress Queen of England

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