Trends : The color black – our ideas for adopting it inspired by street style

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Trends : The color black – our ideas for adopting it inspired by street style

If you are among the people who often wear black, you will definitely be interested in learning these interesting facts! Colors affect our brains in different ways, and our reaction to them can tell a lot about personality. This year, the color black is back in fashion. This is an opportunity for us to share with you ideas for adopting it and advice on this subject.

This year, the color black is in fashion. To adopt it, we are inspired by these street style looks!

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According to a study, the color black is often perceived as “serious” and “reliable”, that is, associated with confidence. About 1,000 people were interviewed and the sponsor of the investigation was Buytshirtsonline – a UK wholesaler of companies such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and American Apparel.

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The goal was to determine the relationship between the color of clothes and the way others perceive you. Black turned out to be the most popular color.


Here’s what the researchers write:

“Black is the perfect color when you want to impress, inspire confidence or seduce. There is something about her that immediately gives rise to confidence: you will be happy to give all your savings to someone in black, and also thank you for the honor given…

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During the study it was found that the color black instilled a large proportion of “positive” traits (confidence, intelligence, sexuality) and was hardly associated with “negative” characteristics (excluding arrogance).

Black color is most popular among men and women

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The color black is most popular among men and women Why?

The answer is simple: trust. Almost half of the women and 64% of the men in the survey believe that the dark highlights self-sufficiency. It is the most beautiful, daring, confident and calming color in the world. But people in black are not always confident enough in themselves. In fact, black also shows the vulnerable side of the personality.

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Those who dress in black are generally extremely sensitive, slightly unstable, and are people who draw the attention of others to themselves as a person and accomplishments, and not just their appearance. These people subconsciously want to protect themselves against excessively strong emotions. They are easily distracted and react too violently. Often they have a hard time coping with anxiety and don’t lose attention.


Oddly enough, people like to wear the color black are not against others wearing colorful clothes. The point is not that they don’t like other colors; they don’t see themselves in them. Ultimately, the colors express the type of personality, and for them it is very important.


Here’s what Johnny Cash, who always wore black, said

“I wear black because I liked it. And I love it because to me it always means something. It is my symbol of rebellion, against stagnation, against the hypocritical world, against those whose minds are closed to new ideas.


So, a person who wears black considers himself to be an important person. He believes black makes him more attractive, intelligent, and confident. However, he demonstrates the sensitive side of his character.

7 golden rules on how to wear the color black


The color black is called an always fashionable color. And there is a reason for this. Black color is preferred by many and is present in almost every person’s wardrobe. Every day at least one part of the vision is black. But are there any rules for how to wear black to look good? Check out our golden rules on how to wear black.

1. Combine fabrics and textiles


If you decide to dress head to toe in black, we recommend mixing different fabrics. For example, the black woolly sweater will look great with a satin skirt or black jeans. If you choose to wear black top to bottom and all of your clothes are the same fabric, your outfit will look like a uniform.

2. Avoid buying black clothes 100% cotton


Note that all cotton clothes will bleach faster. So when you buy a black garment, you read the label. Make sure there is lycra, polyester or other synthetic fabrics in the garment. Artificial fabrics help cotton retain fabric paint.

3. Pay attention to the nuances of the color black


When you wear black from top to bottom, you need to pay attention to each garment. It will not look good if you combine pants with a brown shade and an accessory with a purple shade. These little details are best seen in natural light. If your black clothes have different shades, avoid combining them.

4. Always wear the color black have a color accent


When wearing black clothes, don’t forget the dash of color you need. Add a floral scarf, colorful jewelry or a voluminous brooch. Color accents make the black outfit even more elegant.

5. Wear black to look slimmer


If you don’t like wearing black from head to toe, then bet on that color in an area that you want to narrow down. If you don’t like your plump hips, choose black pants or black jeans; if you have a stomach or shoulders that are too wide – a black sweater or a black jacket.

6. Combine outfits in black with a color makeup


Black clothes have a huge downside – they can make you look pale. Therefore, you need to balance your look by doing it thoroughly – a little blush for rumen, red lipstick for charms and shadows with glitter for alluring eyes accented.

7. Say “goodbye” to black clothes when the time comes


When you notice that your favorite black draft has passed out, don’t be afraid to throw it away. Black is one of those colors that has a shorter lifespan. Faded black clothes look worn and it is good to avoid them unless you are wearing them at home.


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