Trends : the must have for this year

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Trends : the must have for this year

clementine color

What is the biggest fashion trend in 2020? This year is the year of neon. Some people love it, others don't understand it at all. One thing is sure and certain, the look of 2020 is futuristic and retro at the same time. Stay ahead of trends by spending a few minutes on this post.

clementine jacket

Not all the outfits presented in Paris, Milan, London and New York will end up on the high street in the exact form we saw them on the catwalk. But the elements of the clothes on display – be it an idea, a color, a material or a pattern – are taken up and copied by other designers, and strongly influence what we see in stores a few months later.

fashion trend 2020

"Retailers have to figure out what looks they think we're actually going to buy, manufacturers have to start mass producing these items"explains Tamara Abraham of the Telegraph. "And then brand name machines have to figure out how to promote and market the new stock in a way that convinces us to spend our money. "

neon blouse color

1. Fashion trend 2020: neon

Neon, or also called pistachio color, is undoubtedly the biggest fashion trend in 2020. In recent years, the futuristic and retro style has become a permanent feature on fashion shows.

"Call it neon, yellow tennis ball or green highlighter, the acid hue took shape in structured clothes and flowing dresses", noted Mario Abad of Paper magazine.

fashion trend 2020

The neon has appeared in collections of Christopher Kane, Caroline Herrera and Valentino, and is already circulating in stores. It is perfect for a retro, futuristic and vibrant look.

color trend fashion 2020 neon

2. 2020 fashion trend: floral prints

Floral patterns are just one fashion trend that should come back in force this spring, after being widely featured at Fashion Weeks in September last year. The pink print is particularly fashionable.

flower print dress dress

While not the most revolutionary concept for a spring / summer collection, designers can always count on flowers to brighten things up. It's a versatile, visually appealing and colorful theme that seems perpetually popular with consumers, so always a safe bet for spring.

flower print dress dress

3. Fashion trend 2020: leather in color

There is something very retro in color leather, can't you find it? Well this year, he is back on fashion shows in all his splendor. Jacket, skirt, pants or other leather clothing is a must for fashionistas in 2020.

long leather jacket

To go green, opt for faux leather. It is also much cheaper and fair.

short leather jacket

“The material was spotted on spring 2020 fashion shows from New York to Paris in almost all forms – from colorful jackets at Coach 1941 and Bottega Veneta to skirts and pants at Marni and Alexander McQueen. "

fashion trend 2020

4. Fashion trend 2020: big bags

The big bag is not only practical, but also very popular this year. Besides, we all know that no outfit is complete with the right accessories.

big fashion week bag

large modern bag
5. Fashion trend 2020: clementine color

The clementine color is so pleasing to the eye, can't you find it? Those who love vitamin C will be delighted with the amount of bright orange that hits store shelves these months. The neon color is wonderful to start the year, but there is also another prominent color, the clementine color. This specific shade works great for casual wear, such as shorts, sweaters, dresses, skirts and ruffle tops.

clementine color
6. Fashion trend 2020: disco collars

"And just like that, the nightclub is not dead"said Harpers Bazaar. "The wide neck favored by the Studio 54 set made a surprise return to the slopes of spring 2020."

Modernize on coats, jackets and buttonholes at Lanvin, Ferragamo, JW Anderson and beyond, the look is often shown with contrasting colors to make it really stand out. Because what is the point of a super collar if you can't really see it?

fashion trend 2020

7. Rope belts and Bob hats

Visit your garage where you may discover that you are already hosting one of the most fashionable accessories of 2020 among all the items stored.

fashion trend 2020

Ropes used as belts have been seen on the tracks of Christian Dior and Rag & Bone, although their versions are probably more expensive than those you could buy at Maison du Monde. A variety of knots, twists and styles were seen on the catwalk – some served the same purpose as a belt, but most were just present as decorative accessories.

Another accessory the designers used to brighten up their look was the Bob hats – which is great news for fishermen around the world! The forecast is that everyone will wear the Bob this year. Is it really possible? To have …

2020 fashion trend bob hat

So the trends of 2020 inspire you? Do you already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe?

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