Trends : The new Dior collection was unveiled in Marrakech

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Trends :

The new Dior collection was unveiled in Marrakech

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The fashion house Dior has just presented its new collection. She is inspired by the beauty of Africa and she was unveiled in a perfect space for the occasion. To know more, it's just down!

The new Dior collection was unveiled in Marrakech

The new Dior collection is inspired by Africa. It has just been presented. For the event, the world-renowned fashion house has chosen a perfectly adapted setting. The new creations in the collection were presented by fashion designer Maria Grazia Kiuri. The frame chosen for the occasion? El Badi Palace in Marrakech, Morocco.

Several celebrities attended the presentation of the new Dior collection in Marrakech

dior marrakech fashion collection

About 800 VIP guests and celebrities attended the event. Among them, the American actress Jessica Alba and the Italian star Giovanotti. One of the themes of the collection were the meeting of different cultures around the world.

The models walked the podium 89 times to present the outfits of the collection. They are characterized by a mix of bold textures and interesting colors.

"Right now, all speeches are about differences; no one is interested in what unites us, "said designer Maria Grazia Kiuri at a press conference before the show.

While working on the collection, Kiuri proposed to Ivory Coast manufacturers to participate in its collection with their textiles. The designer has also benefited from the services of French anthropologist Anne Grofiye, African-American artist Mikalai Thomas, designer Paté O from Burkina Faso, who worked on Nelson Mandela's worn clothes. To create this new Dior collection, Kiuri also collaborated with Jamaican-born British designer Grace Wales Bonner.

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