Trends : the nightie for women is back!

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Trends : the nightie for women is back!

babydoll for women instagram trend

For several months now, a new trend has been asserting itself on Instagram. It marked the comeback of an outfit that had somewhat lost its popularity: the nightie for women. Widely adopted by celebrities and influencers on the social network, this trend has inspired us to share with you some ideas on how to wear this type of outfit.

The great return of the nightie for women

babydoll for women fashion trends

Gwyneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Hanneli Mustaparta, Zoe Saldana, these are some of the celebrities who have dared to wear nightgowns in public in recent months. Eh yes ! The return of the woman’s nightie goes through the idea of ​​adopting this type of clothing to make it part of her wardrobe, including outside the home!

Fashion pros have come up with varying explanations for the popularity of this amazing trend. Some consider that the return of babydolls is associated with the desire to wear more comfortable outfits, while opting for an elegant look. Others see it as a way to add a more subtle touch to her everyday style, while, according to yet another third interpretation, nightwear is, as always, a way of experimenting and playing with fashion. .

How to adopt the trend?

boho style long white babydolls

Either way, women’s babydolls are popular again and they are now worn both to bed and to going out on the town, or even for more special occasions. Here are some options for adopting this outfit!

sleeveless cotton babydolls

Classically, as nightwear

To wear a nightie in a classic way, we will bet on a model in silk or in light and comfortable cotton. Opt for patterns to suit your preferences and don’t hesitate to invest in a bathrobe for those chilly mornings.

In an original way, for your outings

Want to try the new Instagram trend and dare to wear the nightie for your outings? For an everyday look, consider floral cotton babydolls. This idea is particularly suitable for the summer season, both for outings in the city and to go to the beach. And if you’ve decided to follow the celebrity’s lead and wear a nightie to a special event, go for a long, solid style. And don’t forget to complement it with a stylish necklace or earrings!

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