Trends : Trendy red handbag

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Trends : Trendy red handbag

idea for an elegant handbag in red

If there was only one color to help you stand out in a crowd, then it would be red! Handbags in bright colors are a fundamental part of the fashion world and the trendy red handbag will undoubtedly always be in fashion. From winter to spring, the red handbag is always acceptable and always a good choice no matter what outfit and occasion.

Fashionistas and girls on Instagram are no longer satisfied with black or neutral colored handbags. Instead, they go for brightly colored handbags like the trendy red handbag and they are right! The red handbag not only accentuates the outfit but also adds a touch of versatility to the look and style. If you already have a red bag or are planning to buy one, but you’re not sure how you will wear it, then this article is for you! We have prepared some inspiring ideas for you to help you choose the perfect trendy red bag and then coordinate it with different outfits.

Are you having trouble choosing your red handbag? Here are some suggestions that may help you find your happiness:

Chloe’s trendy red Nile handbag is simply wonderful

trendy red handbag

Chloé’s trendy red Nile handbag

The Nile handbag by Chloé is a great choice of red handbag. You can wear it very well as a shoulder bag or as a clutch thanks to its beautiful handle. And since the Nile handbag has an adjustable strap, it’s easy to customize its placement so it can be worn by anyone. Its adjustable strap really gives comfort and its appearance is worthy for the biggest fans of fashion.

Gucci’s trendy red handbag can be worn for any occasion

trendy red handbag by gucci

Gucci’s trendy red handbag

The Gucci brand offers so many beautiful red handbags! And it’s really no wonder that this brand is known for their belt strap in red and green. Gucci Marmont handbags with their brushed brass ‘GG’ on the front are truly every self-respecting fashionista’s dream. The red Gucci Mormont handbag can very well be worn on the shoulder or as a crossbody bag – the choice is yours!

The Gucci brand offers its bags in many different sizes to choose from. The small size bag is the perfect day or night bag to hold your makeup, wallet, keys and cell phone. The mini bag is a bit small, but it can be perfect for you if you have a small cell phone and a small wallet. The brand also offers a backpack and a fanny pack. No matter what size or type of bag you choose, you probably won’t be disappointed with your choice.

The red handbag by Valentino is really very elegant with a little rock style

trendy red handbag by Valentino

Valentino’s Trendy Red Rockstud Crossbody Handbag

Valentino’s Rockstud handbag is a bit small but it’s surprising how much stuff there is to fit into this little handbag. It can hold all the essentials such as your cell phone, wallet, glasses, keys, makeup and lipstick and you may even still have free space for a few more things. Of course, these little things will depend on where you are going.

The Pochette Métis handbag by Louis Vuitton is a real treat for the eyes

trendy red handbag by Louis Viotton

The trendy red Pochette Métis handbag by Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis red handbag has three pocket dividers on the inside and one on the outside. This is a great way to keep your things organized if you are ever able to remember where you are storing your things. But if you’re the type who loves good organization, then you’ll love this bag! For example, you could store your phone in the zippered pocket behind, your keys and wallet in the middle pocket, and your glasses and makeup in the back pocket. In the front pocket, you could, for example, store your documents and your shopping list. If you know how to organize your affairs, then this case may be of great use to you.

The red colored handbag can be worn with almost any color of clothing

how to wear a trendy red handbag

Ideas how to wear the trendy red handbag

Trendy red handbag in combination with navy blue and jeans

Perhaps one of the most classic ways to wear your red handbag is to combine it with navy blue and jeans. You can also go matchy-matchy and wear red shoes too, or why not Camel or metallic shoes.

The combination of red and navy blue is a very elegant classic

how to wear red

Red handbag in combination with nautical prints and stripes

Red colored handbags always look great worn in combination with nautical stripes. On top of that, you can afford to wear this look most of the year except maybe in the winter when it gets really too cold. You could wear your nautical stripes all spring, summer and even fall, opting for warmer materials.

trendy red handbag by gucci

Red handbag in combination with the camouflage print

Red and green are always a great combination because they are complementary colors. Remember, the primary versions of red and green evoke Christmas and festivities. During the holiday season you can wear your red bag with a Christmas sweater, but the rest of the year it is better to choose other shades of red and green to combine. Instead, you could very well go for military green and camouflage prints to go with your red bag.

modern leopard outfit

Red handbag with animal prints

Red and animal prints are a classic combination. The black, white and gray of the snow leopard prints, for example, look great in combination with a trendy red handbag. And classic accessories for classic leopard prints are always in red. It’s almost not possible to wear leopard prints without thinking about taking your red bag.

idea for an interesting outfit

Red handbag and printed with red

Red handbags always look great in combination with prints with a little bit of red in them. A dress with a print that has a little bit of red in it is perfect to combine with your red handbag.

modern handbag in red

Red handbag and black and white outfits

It’s no secret that red pairs wonderfully with black and white. You can never go wrong by combining your favorite handbag with a classic black and white outfit. A lot of women wear black and white everyday and if that is your case too, then going for a bag in red is a great way to give your look a pop of color while at the same time making it more original.

elegant striped handbag

Red handbag and outfits in pink

Do you remember when Sarah Jessica Parker combined red pants and a pink top? Yes, this is a really great choice and it shows that these two colors go really well together. But if you ever know a bit more about colors, you probably already know they go well together because they are analogous colors in the color wheel. So, you no longer need to hesitate to wear your dresses, tops or even pink shoes by combining them with a red bag.

elegant outfit with red bag

Red handbag and gray outfits

Gray is a color that goes very well with red. Gray is a fantastic color that goes with everything, can be worn all year round and is also very flattering for most different skin colors. Gray is also very practical. Gray will accentuate the beautiful red of your handbag.

idea for a modern handbag

Red and white, black and blue handbag

White will accentuate the red of your bag very well and is a perfect combination for summer. For parties like for example Valentine’s Day, you can wear your red bag very well in combination with white, black and blue. You can of course wear this jumpsuit every day if you want to without hesitation.

stylish plaid outfit idea

Other ideas how to wear your trendy red handbag

It’s always a lot of fun to mix things up. You can for example try to wear a gray printed sweater in combination with a blue flared skirt. Complete the look with white pointed toe boots and a red clutch bag. These days it is still a good idea to play with colors. You don’t have to wear your clothes and accessories in the same color to look stylish. Dare to experiment to create original and modern looks.

If you ever have for example a structured red leather handbag inspired by retro style, you can wear it with elegant clothes like a cream colored shirt dress, black heels and coat.

stylish and modern outfit idea

In case you want to draw attention to the details then you should try wearing a black peplum skirt, a beige sweater with fur sleeves, a cape coat in dark red and a red leather mini clutch.

Do you like to dress in the casual and relaxed style? Then you can very well try a red tote handbag! It can be a great choice to wear it with a red semi sheer midi dress. And you can add a long denim coat if it’s ever cold outside.

Wearing a blue shoulderless dress in combination with red accessories like for example a red mini bag and heeled sandals is always a very good idea regardless of the season.

idea for a mini handbag

Fan of monochromatic outfits? For a while now, we have seen more and more fashionistas and girls on Instagram opting for monochromatic outfits and the result is always very elegant. So for a monochromatic outfit in red, you can very well wear a costume with a skirt and a peplum jacket, a barrette, strappy shoes and a glossy red handbag.

Yes, red bags are a classic and you could never go wrong wearing a trendy red bag. Red bags are ideal to wear with fur coats and jackets. They are also the perfect complements for neutral colors. The combination of a leopard outfit and a red bag is also a must have combination that will never go out of fashion. Monochromatic looks all in black, white or gray are also the perfect background to wear a red bag with. And you, what are your favorite combinations?

elegant floral dress floral print dress with handbag handbag worn with jeans modern round handbag clutch purse in red trendy red handbag chloé stylish trendy red handbag trendy red handbag for summer trendy red banana handbag modern trendy red handbag ideas for a trendy red valentino handbag idea for a fanny pack stylish and modern bag modern and original elegant bag elegant bag in red idea for an elegant outfit with red bag tote bag in red modern bag by Gucci modern bow bag modern clutch bag modern round bag red chanel bag idea for a casual outfit idea for casual outfit elegant outfit with floral patterns leopard print outfit monochromatic outfit in beige monochromatic outfit in black monochromatic outfit in red elegant outfit in black outfit in red, gray and black idea for outfit with handbag

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