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Trends :

Trendy sunglasses 2019

trendy sunglasses 2019 Dolce and Gabbana

Trendy Sunglasses 2019 - to protect your eyes from the sun this summer, you'll be delighted to learn about the latest trends in sunglasses. Both sporty and classic or with innovative glasses, in colors or prints, choose your style and shape that suits you.

Trendy sunglasses 2019

This year, classic aviator sunglasses are strangely missing in news collections. Cat-shaped sunglasses and triangular sunglasses, however, remained popular. Overall we are seeing a trend for futuristic shapes, innovative glasses and elegant lines. The retro style seduces us again with the "cat-eye", next to the round glasses of the 50s. The XXL and glasses with tinted lenses complete the wardrobe accessories lovers.

trendy sunglasses 2019 Giorgio Armani

Trendy sunglasses 2019 Shield

Shield sunglasses offer more protection, since they cover a large part of the face. What stands out above all is that they are not made up of two separate glasses, but of one large piece of protection.

By the way, Shield sunglasses are very popular among surfers and snowboarders, because of their need for more sun protection. Aerodynamic shapes with colored reflective lenses, many athletes adopt them for this summer.

With a single top mount or no mount, in black or reflective rainbow, futuristic or XXL, discover our offer Shield sunglasses for this summer.

trendy sunglasses 2019 Gucci woman shield


trendy sunglasses 2019 Miu Miu woman shield

Miu Miu

fashionable sunglasses 2019 shield Ray Ban

Ray Ban

2019 Stella Mccartney trend sunglasses

Stella Mccartney

2019 Trendy Sports Sunglasses

With the return of Shield sunglasses, sports glasses are becoming very popular. Shield shape, XXL or more delicate, you have the choice. For ladies who like the sporty look and for men, take a look at the collection of photos we have chosen.

trendy sunglasses 2019 sports woman Nicopanda


trendy sunglasses 2019 sports man Nicopanda


Trendy sunglasses 2019 bling-bling

Jewelry and various ornaments are common for high-end sunglasses. But this season, designers have pushed the bling-bling style to the extreme.

Massive sunglasses inlaid with jewelry, gilded frames, large glossy logos, pearls and cubic zirconia, an array of elements to not be overlooked.

trendy sunglasses 2019 bling Givenchy


trendy sunglasses 2019 bling Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

trendy sunglasses 2019 bling Dolce qnd Gabbana

bling Dolce & Gabbana

trendy sunglasses 2019 bling man Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - frames with patterns

This year, prints have become very trendy in many areas. In fashion, interior design or swimsuits, we see prints with flowers, peas, animal designs and stripes. It is therefore not surprising to find them in the sunglasses trends. Remarkable patterns and prints cover the mounts, such as leopard and zebra motifs, which are particularly modern this summer. The vintage style has made a comeback this year, we find pea patterns on dresses, accessories and sunglasses. Which gives a vintage glamorous vision and reveals femininity.

trendy sunglasses 2019 butterfly shape woman Tom Ford

Tom Ford

trendy sunglasses 2019 frames with Moschino woman pattern


trendy sunglasses 2019 frames with Dolce and Gabanna patterns

Dolce & Gabanna

trendy sunglasses 2019 frames with Fendi woman pattern


trendy sunglasses 2019 frames with Hugo man pattern


Trendy sunglasses 2019 - red frames

As with the prints of the 60s, the color red came back as part of this retro trend revisited. We have the choice between triangular frames with a bright red frame, vintage shapes with transparent red plastic frames. The glasses are colored red, black and even light blue.

trendy sunglasses 2019 red frame woman

trendy sunglasses 2019 red man mount Asos Design

Asos Design

trendy sunglasses 2019 red mount Stefan Cooke

Stefan Cooke

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - the triangular shaped glasses

This season, sunglasses with a triangular shape take on the look rather futuristic than retro. They come with an elegant, light and sleek design. With a very sophisticated look, they adopt a slight avant-garde side. They are found in fairly varied triangular forms. With softened lines or with very pronounced angles, discover some examples that we have specially chosen.

fashionable sunglasses 2019 triangular frames

trendy sunglasses 2019 triangular man Balenciaga


Rectangular sunglasses with an elongated shape

While XXL sunglasses with oversized lenses dominate the trends overall for this year, we find the appearance of sunglasses on the opposite. With an ultra-thin and elongated shape, we discover them in retro or futuristic style.

The retro style is presented with elongated plastic frames with triangular lenses. Futuristic versions, on the other hand, adopt minimalist lines with a clear rectangular shape. We have the choice between different colors of frames and shades of various glasses.

trendy sunglasses 2019 narrow women Sally Lapointe

Sally Lapointe

trendy sunglasses 2019 narrow men

Trendy Sunglasses 2019 - The Small Sunglasses

Still the opposite of the trend XXL, very current for this season, small sunglasses surprise us this summer. Rather accessories, than real protections against the sun, they take very varied forms and so interesting. In this trend we find several combinations of styles. Retro patterns are combined with futuristic design or the round sunglasses of the 50s are presented in rhomboidal form.

Trendy 2019 Gentle Monster Women's Sunglasses

Gentle Monster

trendy 2019 little gentleman Gentle Monster sunglasses

Gentle Monster

Trendy Sunglasses 2019 - large square shaped sunglasses

It's no surprise that fashionable square sunglasses are coming out of fashion. In fact, they are almost never out of fashion and remain almost timeless. If you do not want to make big efforts on the makeup side, but be trendy, they will certainly please you. With their large size, they hide not only the eyes, but cover a large part of the face. In such a way they are very convenient for everyday use. trendy sunglasses 2019 large square shaped women

The frames come in different colors and transparencies, their thickness being particularly sought after and underlined. Here again, the designers play with the different shades of the glasses and the relationship with the color of the frames. Thus, we find sunglasses with glasses and frames of matching colors or such with a clearly desired contrast. Discover some very curious examples that we have collected especially for you.

trendy sunglasses 2019 large square shaped men Tom Ford

Tom Ford

2019 trendy sunglasses - unique eyewear shapes

Far away from traditional forms, sunglasses in unique shapes have nothing in common with the more common styles. They are simply innovative. The designers played with original combinations of different styles, to design very curious and unique objects. For the most daring and those who love a unique and extraordinary style, discover the collection of photos we have developed.

trend sunglasses 2019 unique woman shapes

trendy sunglasses 2019 unique shapes Gucci


trend sunglasses 2019 unique shapes men Acne Studios

Acne Studios

trendy 2019 sunglasses originated man Fendi


trendy sunglasses 2019 from Francis de Lara

Francis de Lara

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - rounded sunglasses

If you prefer soft shapes rather than sharp edges, you can opt for sunglasses with round or round lenses. This summer, most sunglasses in this style are slightly oversized. This gives them a very glamorous and sophisticated style. We have the choice between very fine and elegant frames in metal or simply without rims, if we seek more lightness. The glasses are transparent tinted, dark or reflective for a brilliant and sophisticated style.

trendy 2019 sunglasses woman Chloe Carlina

Chloe Carlina

trendy 2019 men's round sunglasses Komono Clement

Komono Clement

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - the "cat eyes"

With the return of the retro style, sunglasses shaped cat eyes become very trendy this summer. They are charming and have the advantage of lengthening the face, while highlighting the cheekbones. We discover them in both traditional and modern forms. Acetate frames are ideal for cat eyes sunglasses, giving them a chic and elegant look. Here again, the designers played with the relationship between the colors of the frames and glasses. We also observe the use of turtle motifs, which further emphasizes the retro side.

fashion 2019 cat eye sunglasses women Fendi


trendy 2019 cat eye sunglasses men Fastfwd


Sunglasses with a heart mount

The sunglasses of the movie Lolita have become iconic. This year, always in connection with the return of the vintage style, the sunglasses with a frame in heart appear again on the catwalks. The red color here is also very trendy and brings a glamorous look. Very current for this form of sunglasses, are also the fine metal frames, which are reminiscent of the 60s.

fashion 2019 heart shape women's sunglasses

trend sunglasses 2019 heart-shaped

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - Butterfly sunglasses

While this summer we find the prints of the animal world very current, here we discover this recovery directly in the shape of the sunglasses. This concept, adopted more or less literally forms butterflies, is quite original being very trendy this summer. Whether worn on the beach or on casual days, the butterfly-shaped sunglasses are for the most daring. If you feel like it, be careful to marry them with your clothes and accessories.

fashion 2019 butterfly shape sunglasses women Prada


trendy sunglasses 2019 butterfly shape man Mia


Sunglasses with the upper right

With a unique design, sunglasses with flat tops are among the most unique to appear this summer. They come in several styles - futuristic, retro or aviator-shaped, their common point being the clean straight line of the top of the glasses. Designers have played with colors, contrasts and prints in search of truly original forms. So, if you are looking for originality, these sunglasses alone can bring it to you.

trendy sunglasses 2019 top part right women Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

trend 2019 sunglasses top men's upper right Zara


Trendy sunglasses 2019 - black lenses

Even if you are not a secret agent, if you want to hide your eyes best, opt for deep black glasses. Very chic, they are easily married with all styles of clothing and this summer are particularly trendy. We find them in all possible forms, from classical to futuristic forms.

trendy sunglasses 2019 black glasses woman

trendy sunglasses 2019 black glasses man Dior


Trendy sunglasses 2019 - the yellow color

While the style of the 90s is more and more modern, the yellow color is appealing, but with shapes of sunglasses well evolved. With yellow lenses, yellow frames or glasses fully colored in yellow, this trend is very current and surprisingly flattering and original.

trendy sunglasses 2019 yellow Carrera woman


trendy 2019 yellow woman sunglasses Acne Studios

Acne Studios

trendy sunglasses 2019 yellow men Mister Spex

Mister Spex

Trendy sunglasses 2019 - two-tone lenses

In the search for original shapes and designs, the designers had a great time creating very diverse two-tone sunglasses for this summer. A wide choice of unique combinations of different colors and exciting shapes are at your disposal for an original look. The sizes are big and the colors vary for all tastes. With a gradient between the two colors more or less marked or with a sharp dividing line, they bring a unique style. If you like rare and quality objects, if design is one of your passions and you love originality, then this is the time to enjoy.

trendy sunglasses 2019 two-tone glasses women

trendy sunglasses 2019 two-tone glasses men Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Sunglasses with mirror glasses

If you like to keep people on their guard, these sunglasses are definitely for you. With a sporty, classic or futuristic design, in any case these glasses are more or less intimidating. So, if your goal is to intimidate your interlocutor, choose the very large and reflective ones.

trendy sunglasses 2019 mirror glasses women

trendy sunglasses 2019 shield man Dior


Trendy sunglasses 2019 - the aviator style revisited

Although this year the aviator style sunglasses have been left slightly aside, some designers refuse to give up this classic style. This summer we find them in traditional or futuristic shapes and there is something for everyone. If you are a casual chic, you will not go wrong if you choose them.

Trendy sunglasses 2019 Persol large aviator


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