Trends : What are the secrets to finding your dress style and avoiding copying others

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Trends : What are the secrets to finding your dress style and avoiding copying others

find your style of dress

When you haven’t found your style yet, you may feel like you don’t really have a personality. You become all those girls you admire and meet along the way. You try the overalls because you saw lots of fashionable girls who wore them so well. Then you go for the all-black look because that’s what you saw on Instagram. Not to mention all the other styles you’ve tried just because they were trendy at one time.

Finding your style is not always easy

modern jumpsuit woman

It’s not that you’re not beautiful trying different styles of clothing, it’s just that not all of these styles are always exactly yours. These are actually variations of the woman you are trying to be and you just haven’t found the style with your name on it yet. So how do you find your style of dress? No, it is not a complicated process as you might think. Here are the secrets of this process:

To find your clothing style you must start by creating your clothing base

idea how to wear leopard

Start by creating your base

To find their style of dress, everyone must first create their basic foundation. Here it is not yet about the things that you particularly like or those that you hate, since the essential parts can be accessorized to register in all styles. It doesn’t matter if you like colorful and daring things or clothes with clean and subtle lines: all this does not really matter if you do not have the right basis on which to build your look.

The basic clothes will serve you to create your more trendy looks

how to find your dress style

What can be the basis for finding your clothing style? According to Kristen Tice Sudeman, fashion writer for Elle, the right start helps to achieve the right look. The right base can for example be the striped t-shirt, the cardigan, the knitted sweater, the tailored blazer, the jeans, the dresses, the pants, the white glued blouse, the denim jacket, the little black dress, the skirt in neutral color, the beautiful winter jacket, a pair of boots, the ballerinas and the leather sandals.

Finding your style of dress doesn’t mean you always have to wear the same style of clothing

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Above all else, focus on all the pieces that are not on your clothing list so that you can have more options and mix with more trendy and more temporary pieces. Without the basic clothes, you will just have lots of items but no stuff. This means that you can have all these tops that show your whole personality, but they will be useless if you do not have the basis to wear them.

You can love high heels and sneakers as much and there’s nothing wrong with that

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Finding your clothing style does not mean limiting yourself to a single look

Let’s start by explaining some misunderstandings. Generally, when you think about how to find your style, you think about choosing a certain personality and the look that goes with it. And even if it makes things easier if you have preferences for a certain type of look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t like other things that don’t fit that style. It’s actually about knowing what you specifically like about this style. Do you like bohemian things for their relaxed side? But maybe you also like the minimalist sleek look? This means that you should look for clothes that fit in these shapes and colors, rather than looking in these categories. You can like wide pants as much as maxi long dresses and there’s nothing wrong with that.

To find your style of dress you also need to know your moprphology

idea how to find your dress style

For example you can love the vintage style. A lot. But you may also like the quiet elegance of minimalism. So how do you choose? Easy: you can look for vintage pieces that are discreet and with clean lines and at the same time look for minimalist pieces that look mid-century. Rather, you should look at the shapes and shapes and not so much at the clothing labels.

modern leather suit

Make a list of your favorite clothes in your wardrobe

At this point you have certainly already decided which type of clothing you prefer. Do you like the relaxed and tranquil feeling when you wear boho style pieces and simple minimalist pieces? Or maybe you prefer the creativity needed to mix patterns and colorful prints? With all of this in mind, you can begin to carefully study the clothes inside your wardrobe that you use the most. What could be the reasons why you like these pieces exactly? Is it the silhouette they create? Or how their colors blend with other shades, or how their patterns contrast with the other pieces you wear? Once you’ve done that, try to find other parts inside your cabinet that can meet the same criteria.

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Study the outlier

What are the pieces in your wardrobe that you never put? And which ones still have their labels on them and which ones you wore only once or twice and then forgot? The clothes that fall into this category are just as important as your favorite clothes because they are the ones that will help you understand what you don’t like. For example, do you have a sexy dress that you loved buying but never actually wore?

black leather skirt

So take a good look at the clothes you’ve never worn and try to understand why you never managed to include them in any of your looks. Are these overloaded pieces or silhouettes that you don’t really like? Maybe it’s the length of the clothes that isn’t really comfortable for you or maybe it’s their patterns that you don’t like or don’t know how to wear? Take a good look at them and then write down the adjectives that you will use to describe the reason why you don’t like these clothes. With these adjectives in mind, try to avoid this type of clothing the next time you shop to avoid making the same mistakes.

red leather skirt

To find your style of dress, you have to look for inspiration when building your looks

Now that you already have an idea of ​​what you like, what you don’t like and the details that build it all, you’re ready to start combining your pieces to create looks. And you are probably already wondering how exactly to do it. But shopping is very different from creating looks, isn’t it? So to start, you must first find inspiration outside of yourself.

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For example, you can start looking for new bloggers who grab your attention right away. Go to Instagram and find find girls to follow with very defined looks similar to your own style. You can also try Pinterest to find examples of outfits with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe. So go look for looks, examine your own wardrobe and start having fun.

modern look in neutral color

And if it doesn’t really work out, what you can also do is figure out which style icons you love. Write down the names of all those celebrities who inspire you and start following them on social media. With their looks in mind, you can start to dress while not forgetting to express your own personality, of course.

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Take photos of your favorite looks

If you feel very beautiful wearing a certain combination of clothes, then take a picture of yourself. This will help you recreate similar looks in the future. Experts advise taking a photo whenever you feel particularly good and beautiful in an outfit and using this photo as a reference in the future.

wide pants worn with a trench

Experiment with the right price

If you’re not sure about a certain trend or style that you want to try, make sure you do it with your wallet in mind. If you want to try on wide pants or a patterned suit, start by choosing these pieces from stores or brands that are not too expensive so as not to take too great a risk. Learn to experiment with the latest fashion trends in a smart way: buy trendy pieces on sale or discount. So if you never like the look, you still won’t spend a fortune on it. On the other hand, with regard to the basic parts, the leather boots, the bag or the jacket should never seem good price, then invest in quality parts.

wide pants with floral patterns

Do not overload your wardrobe with clothing and accessories

Having a lot of clothes in your wardrobe doesn’t help you find your style of dress. In reality, everything becomes much easier when you have fewer choices. If you manage to get rid of everything you are not wearing, then it will be much easier for you to get dressed in the morning. And then you’ll also have more time to go shopping and find other pieces to make a better version of yourself.

idea of ​​modern look with pants

Dress according to your lifestyle

Do you like luxury dresses but you live in a small town? Do you love short dresses but you live in a cold climate? Even if there are types of clothes that you really like, if these clothes do not match your lifestyle, you will never have the chance to wear them.

striped shirt dress

Or maybe you are trying to make yourself as an artist? Or maybe you are trying to be more confident and more confident? So let your clothes help you show your personality. When you create your style, you don’t just have to choose things that catch your eye, but you also have to do it with your lifestyle, dreams and desires in mind. Imagine the person you want to introduce to others. You want your clothing style to reflect that personality but also take into consideration your job, your lifestyle, the city you live in and your long-term goals.

summer dress with floral patterns

Choose your clothing style according to your body type

The most important thing when choosing what to wear is to know your morphology and opt for silhouettes that highlight it. You can also ask your friends or family members to help you find the centerpieces of your style. And if you pay attention to celebrities who have a morphology similar to yours, it will be even easier for you to find the silhouettes that will suit you.

floral dress with boots

Once you have found the silhouette that suits you, you can also think about the colors. Go for colors that go well with your skin and hair color and try different shades of these colors to find the ones that are perfect for you. And don’t forget that a lipstick in a strong color makes colors easier to wear.

modern woman costume patterned woman costume modern look in beige wide striped pants yellow dress with floral patterns long dress for spring modern orange dress short red dress casual sports style elegant dress style modern and trendy trench idea how to find your dress style find your dress style easily find your clothing style with ease it's easy to find your style of dress how to find your dress style find your clothing style according to your lifestyle find your modern dress style elegant look in beige idea how to dress at work jeans jacket and skirt modern leopard jacket modern jackets for spring modern winter clothes

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