Trends : what are the trends in 2021?

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Trends : what are the trends in 2021?

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Looking for an elegant and trendy summer hat? The hat and any accessory that we put on the head protects us from the sun and as you save our dear friend the Sun is a very responsible effect for the aging of the skin. Discover the fashion shows and the proposals of haute couture fashion designers for trendy summer hats for spring-summer 2021.

Summer hat: what are the trends in 2021?

Bucket hat (yes, always and more and more!), Military cap, straw hat, panama hat, retro hat, scarves, scarves… The accessories are numerous and of all styles in 2021. We are happy to announce that fashion is rich this year.

Navy and military style berets and caps

This year, berets and caps in navy and military style perfectly complement the general trends of the new season. Max Mara came up with models that go perfectly with the braids. The hats match concrete clothing with a clean and practical design. Michael Corse presented a black hat in navy style with a large visor. La Maison Margiela with Martina bet on a theatrical style.

Bob hats

Bob hats never stop surprising us. This trend still follows us in the new season. But beware: the Bob hat is only made from flexible materials such as tweed, colorful and shiny organza or organic cotton. In addition, there is a very wide variety of models: with or without print, classic, denim and many others. We invite you to discover the three models of summer Bob hats by Peter Pilotto, Marc Jacobs, Michael Corse and Gianbatista Valley.

Vintage hats

Bombeta and Panama served as the basis for the creation of vintage unisex hats. The designers offer Celine products with a periphery, like in Panama, but with a rounded pot shape. Emporio Armani made a straw hat. The colors of the various Dolce & Gabbana products are vivid. While Marc Jacobs specializes in vintage models and bet for wide-brimmed hats.

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Straw hats

Straw is a natural and popular material for making original summer hat designs. It is also one of the biggest trends in 2021. Straw hats from Dior are available in beige and dark blue. The designers offer products in thick and transparent fabrics. Etro surprises us with a glamorous wide-brimmed hat models. Designer Marc Jacobs offers a large straw hat in bright and colorful colors. The straw hat takes many shapes and sizes and is reinvented in 2021.

retro straw hatretro chic fashion week summer hat

New summer hat trends?

The combination of the popularity of boho-chic and the influence of the 70s has made scarves not only a fashion accessory, but also the current trends of the new season. Many fashionistas know that the super soft scarf is from Missoni. They are made of special leather. This season they are styled under the head bandages. To this end, a variety of secret methods. Celine tied thicker scarves at the top of her head. The rest of the hair goes down in waves. Images of the show Etro 70’s, Yves Saint Laurent and Roland Moire.

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idea woman look

Stylish fishing hat

Fishing hats have double protection. They are closed on the neck and protect the face from the sun and rain. The practical trend is particularly suitable for areas with high rainfall. The designers at Lanvin offer incredibly long fishing hats. For different seasons, this brand produces several different size options. All collections have small side buttons that allow you to easily enhance the terrain

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UltraWide visor

Extra-large products with visors have become a fashion accessory for the new season. Summer hats will become a hit, as well as sneakers in white. Prada designers have created several options for products with wide-brimmed glasses. One of the options-rustic roof with glitter, deposits of shades of gold. Hats with wide visors are very elegant. Bucket-shaped hats with an unusual look with a wide brim in the front.

bob hat woman fashion 2021

Modern bucket hat

In the spring of 2021, fashion hats in the form of buckets are quite real. Haute couture designers offer bucket-shaped hats made from straw and wicker. The shape is inspired by those of buckets and conical baskets. Designers Nina Ritchie even gave away a yellow plastic hat. It is certain that you have to have style to wear such a piece on your head on a daily basis!

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The bell cap

And once again, we’re going back to the retro fashion of the 20’s and 30’s. Spring fashion trends 2021 are inspired by the cloche hat style. High-end hats, as well as a large amount of jewelry. The product is decorated with fringes and ribbons, sometimes in several layers. Louis Vuitton took ships in white with low margins. Anteprima bet on a straw bell cap.

retro chic woman hat

Hats with feather pattern

Feathers take many forms finally to form a stylish fashion piece. Summer trends suggest using them as a light hat. Designer Prabal Gurung makes tight-fitting hats in bright colors and decorated with feathers. Maison Margiela products entirely feathered, which makes the design more voluminous and extravagant. Mosquino sequined hats are decorated with black feathers.

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Journalist berets and hats

Journalist hats are a combination of 1910 and 2000 fashion trends. These unusual items are suitable for everyday wear. But they are not as easy as the standard caps. This allows you to make it the perfect accessory for any wardrobe.

A notable accessory is the Dior hat. They are made in a brown color scheme with badges and shorts. Roland Moore berets and hats are made from printed bags. In Anteprima is presented a collection of straws in the style of newspaper boys. hat woman look

The traditional baseball cap

New trends include soccer jerseys, baseball caps. These products are perfect for every day. Shows a white pink baseball cap with a word printed on it.

The Stella McCartney baseball cap comes in the form of knitted hats and visor made from artificial leather creation. Salvatore Ferragamo came up with a cap with a leather visor and a base that looks like a knitted scarf.

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