Trends : what are we going to wear after quarantine?

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Trends : what are we going to wear after quarantine?

fashionable famme summer sandals

We are all very excited to put on our new women’s summer sandals after midlife. But what exactly will be the trends that will dictate the fashion of shoes this summer?

In reality, the seasons are becoming obsolete in the fashion world. It may be due to the climate crisis or the fact that we no longer want to change our entire wardrobe every three or six months, but on the fashion rugs for the spring-summer 2020 season we saw full of coats and clothes that are normally reserved for the cooler weather. Fashion trends are now becoming a bit old-fashioned and more and more clothing is being sought which has a more lasting impact.

What women’s summer sandals are we going to wear in spring and summer?

fashionable shoes for summer

So what do we do with women’s summer sandals in 2020? Instead of a dramatic change from last year, in 2020 we saw a continuation of spring-summer 2019 trends. Specifically, they are ugly sandals, strappy heels and minimalist sandals. But if you ever dream of a little bit new, know that there is a bit of that too. Pastel colors are very fashionable, as are platform sandals. And we mustn’t forget the flip flops which were at the beginning a micro-trend which became very popular at the end of summer 2019. But in 2020, we will see flip flops at the feet of any fashionable person. So here is an overview of women’s summer sandals for spring-summer:

Leather platform shoes by Tibi

women's summer sandals with platform by Tibi

Platform shoes

We know very well that the 70s were a very beautiful era. In 2020, women’s summer sandals return to fashion trends as a revenge. Disco heels will add a few inches to your stature, as well as a touch of dramatic flare.

Silver summer shoes with platform and heel

women's summer sandals with platform

The platforms of the brand Tibi were simply magnificent on the fashion rugs in the form of slingbacks and boots with a massive platform but with a small slope at the heel. There was also a wide variety of platform shoes at the Miu Miu brand where a pair of silver Oxford shoes with platform.

Satin flatform satin sandals decorated with a jewel by Valli

flatforms women's summer sandals by Valli

Flatforms type shoes

The women’s summer sandals with platform that do not have a heel slope have also found their place in fashion for spring-summer 2020. These shoes constitute a more comfortable option which does not tire the calf while offering centimeters in more.

The flat platforms at Giambattista Valli were very unique during the fashion shows for the next season with a very delicate touch. The platforms of the brand are for the most part with straps sandals, with jewelry above and with a thick platform sole but without heel, often associated with tights embroidered with flowers.

Women’s black leather summer sandals with platform

women's flatform summer sandals by Chloé

At Gypsy Sport the summer sandals 2020 were like an extreme extension of the trend of chunky sandals that we have seen in previous seasons, with a heavy but at the same time light white platform and thick straps. The platforms from Chloé on the other hand were modern, unique and earthy with a band platform wrapped in front and a rich brown leather strap design.

High boots remain very fashionable even on the colder days of spring

shoes heeled boots

Knee-high boots

We’ve already seen Amal Clooney wear this type of boot – simple leather with no embellishments going up to the knee. And these boots are expected to become one of the biggest trends for spring and summer shoes in 2020 for smart women and those who live in places where the climate is rainy.

The bright colored boots are great for rainy spring days

high boots for spring

The beige and white boots at Givenchy seemed like the perfect choice for the days of spring and rainy summer with geometric heels that make them unique. Céline’s 70s French girl look was reinforced by the addition of knee high boots in earthy colors worn with skirts to the calf and pants.

Summer witch boots in blue by Tom Browne

women's summer sandals by Tom Browne

The ‘witches’ summer boots

If your style is a little more alternative, you can try a pair of summer boots “mousetrap” in light colors and magic designs that are a fun part of the trends in women’s summer sandals in 2020.

women's summer sandals by Anna Sui

In Anna Sui’s parade, the metallic pink ankle boots were decorated with a curved heel in golden rose and ribbon laces in pink: the perfect combination for a caring silhouette in feminine colors. The self-portrait bridal boots from Self-Portrait had pointed toes and Victorian-style laces in the same color as the boots.

chunky women summer sandals by Fendi

Women’s summer sandals with chunky heel

The chunky heel is a detail that always catches the eye and as such it was an undeniable part of the trends in shoes of the 2020 where it was often part of shoes with geometric design. We’re all used to the traditional tapered heel, which is thick at the top and thinner at the bottom, but you can also get used to the opposite version.

women's chunky heel summer sandals by Fendi

At Fendi the heels were extra low and thick triangular which helped to support the super chic back strap moccasins. We also saw the big chunky heels at J.W. Anderson and Zadig & Voltaire.

women's knitted summer sandals

Knitted summer shoes

Crochet was a major trend on fashion rugs for spring 2020 so it’s no surprise that crochet and knitting also became a trend for summer shoes in 2020. Knitted shoes made a collection very creative and cozy by Marco de Vincenzo where knitted flat and heeled shoes were worn with knitted clothes and it was even difficult to see where the garment ends and where the shoe begins.

women's summer sandals knitted ankle boots by Armani

The shoes knitted at Emporio Armani looked very futuristic and on the other hand they were made of shiny materials which covered and protected the foot.

modern heeled sandals

Women’s summer sandals with bows and cords

On the fashion rugs for summer 2020 there was a hint of boho-chic – nothing to do with past seasons, but the knotted cord or the cord sandals for summer 2020 were definitely part of this category. The Victoria Beckham escape heels were in red, black and / or white and constituted heeled sandals with leather bows in the center above the toes. In J.W. Anderon these knots were like a kind of star dust.

women's summer sandals with bows

And if ever if you want to go even further with this trend, you can look at the fashion rugs from Eckhaus Latta where the models wore summer sandals with wooden soles with a single piece of carefully woven and knotted lace serving upper part of the shoe. We also saw some elements in knots and cords on the heels of Isabel Marant in touch of color.

gladiator shoes by Longchamp

Women’s summer gladiator sandals

Sandals are a must when it comes to summer shoes 2020 but in the form of gladiators ’. These types of women’s summer sandals give the foot a little more stability and are reminiscent of nostalgia for the hippie period. And with some of the gladiator sandals seen on fashion rugs, you can become a real eco-warrior.

gladiator women's summer sandals by Versace

The Versace brand has shown a very sexy approach to gladiator sandals with both heels and with very thin straps in black around the calves, worn with shorts, mini skirts and pencil skirts.

heeled moccasins by Vera Wang

The style shown by Chalayan was perhaps the most memorable style with biblical leather gladiator sandals, worn with socks above the knee creating a slightly cushy look. The brands Etro, Missoni and Longchamp also presented gladiator sandals.

strappy and studded shoes by Valentino

Summer sandals with studs and spikes

Do you feel dangerous? So opt for a pair of studded spring shoes that carry the rebellious spirit that many of us will greatly appreciate. Marques’Almeida presented a dark collection with a punk vibe that included strappy heeled sandals covered with decorative spikes.

heeled shoes for summer

The rock summer shoes from Valentino are iconic, so for the summer season they were a bit redesigned to become strappy sandals completely covered with monochromatic studs and spikes.

summer shoes with chain by J.W. Anderson

Ankle chain sandals

Sandals with ankle decorations are among the most bling-bling pairs of shoes for summer 2020. And that is neither too much nor ostentatious – just a touch of luxury. At Proenza Schouler small golden chains around the ankle was the little detail that gave a little sweetness to the intense design of the shoes with square heels.

women's heeled shoes by Versace

Among J.W. Anderson’s espadrilles, a delicate pair of golden shoes with a jewelry chain around the ankle really caught the eye with its femininity and luxurious appearance. Finally, at Zimmermann, the ankle decoration took on a dramatic appearance with a very thick chain and a tooth-shaped pendant.

summer shoes square toe sandals

Square toe summer shoes and sandals

The square tip craze started with the Bottega Veneta brand, but for spring 2020 other designers also chose to follow his example. We are not sure that we want to give up the pointed tip and the flip-flops with rounded ends, but we know that many fans of fashion rugs will be delighted to try the square tip.

fashionable shoes for summer

And speaking of that, the square shoes presented by Balanciaga this season included a lot of patent leather boots in combination with clothes of the brand exuding a dominant style. At A.W.A.K.E. Fashion, square shoes and sandals were also present for the summer of 2020, but in a slightly longer version. There were also square toe thongs and square toe strap sandals. At Bottega Veneta, the pair of silver glitter heels was truly spectacular, giving a very wild and joyful air to the design of the otherwise very severe square toe.

summer shoes woman type mules

Heeled moccasins

While flat moccasins are the all-purpose professional shoe for women who love the comfort of flat shoes, heeled moccasins may be of interest to women who love heels. Most of the moccasins shown for the summer of 2020 had square heels, but there were also some exceptions.

open heel moccasins

Prada heeled moccasins will definitely have a lot of fans. These moccasins were mostly made of embossed snakeskin leather in versions with higher or smaller heels. At Louis Vuitton we tried to combine trends with platform moccasins which before a very pronounced disco air. At Vera Wang, the stiletto moccasins are also worth mentioning. The heels were much higher than what we are used to seeing with a textured platform that gave a sense of danger.

summer shoes mules by Lanvin

Mule-type moccasins

Mule-style sandals and sliders were a big part of the shoe trends for spring-summer 2020 ensuring that we don’t have to waste too much time putting our feet inside our shoes. Mule and slider shoes are very fashionable this season and seem like the perfect choice for summer.

heeled moccasins for summer

At Lanvin the mules were very professional, made of dark leather with sophisticated silver plates. The Loewe brand also featured a variety of mules on fashion rugs that included crocodile leather mules and large heels.

women's summer shoes by Valentino women's summer shoes by Valentino summer shoes mules by Prada women's shoes for summer modern square toe summer shoes modern women's shoes for the 2020idea of ​​modern sandals for summer heeled sandals by Versace square toe sandals for summer women's blue leather sandals women's summer sandals with straps

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