Trends : what is your favorite style?

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Trends :

what is your favorite style?

straw hat woman summer asos

In summer, you need to protect yourself from the sun. Apart from sunscreens and sunglasses, one of the best ways to do this is to have a big straw hat or a pretty cap.

straw hat style woman trendy fashion

Cap and sunglasses to protect from the sun and be stylish

Straw hat or cap: what's your style for this summer?

Discover our selection of some styles of hat and cap for women summer and choose the model made for you! The straw hat is very summer and feminine, while the cap has a side to the boyish super cool. Which of the two to choose depends on your personal style. You can of course choose both and vary the styles. Wearing a hat or cap is a must for the summer because the sun is very strong. You probably know that the sun is good for health, but in limited quantities. Having a hat or cap is more than a fashion trend. It's important for our health.

summer hat for women in small straw

Recently, we have dedicated an article to sunscreen. Recent studies have found that the abundant use of sunscreen can lead to the penetration of chemicals into the blood, with unknown effects on health. In conclusion, experts say that it is still better, and advisable, to apply a sunscreen product on your skin.

cool woman hat and summer outfit idea

Protecting yourself from the sun is important.

The sun is good for us, but in limited quantities. In the summer, it is really strong and many people tend to underestimate its effects. It is still unclear how much sun creams have negative effects on health, but it is safe and certain that hats are also an effective protection and that do not hide any side effects.

The big straw hat is classic and super protective for the face. We recommend that you opt for a straw hat. There are of course models in synthetic straw, but we prefer to remain classic. The price difference is not very big. A natural straw hat goes from 12 to 30 euros and more. It all depends on the brand, the model and whether you buy it at the store or online. Buying it online is always a cheaper option.

Do you already have a classic straw hat and want to try something new this summer? You can also find beautiful models in black, blue, purple, yellow or red, with or without ribbon. Feel free to experiment with a straw hat model a little different. We must dare to assume his style! The style reflects our personality.

Straw hat and outfit

Which outfit to choose and how to combine his straw hat? You can combine it with a pretty long dress, classic or patterned. It is also super cool to combine it with a sailor and denim shorts. This hat is truly universal and the truth is that it can be combined with almost anything: dress, skirt, jumpsuit, shorts, jeans, pants and many more. The straw hat is also often the icing on the cake of a basic outfit, for example.

We like this idea of ​​outfit: long dress and a classic straw hat. The long dresses are back this year. Very feminine and comfortable, it is not surprising that they are the favorite summer outfit for many women. We love the wool and soft cotton models. You can find beautiful models online.

To customize your hat, you can add a nice ribbon of your choice. It is also possible to decorate it with a pretty scarf or a bandanna. Be creative with your outfit!

Hat without bottom? Yes, it exists and it's really very modern right now! This type of hat is called capeline. The bottomless hat is super stylish and protects the face from the sun. On the other hand, it does not really protect the head. We love this model of bottomless straw cape woven in black and white:

Dare to mix patterns and colors this summer! The 2019 trend is to experiment with patterns, colors, shapes and textures.

straw hat synthetic idea fashion model holding woman summer

To complete your look, combine your straw hat with pretty earrings.

straw hat style woman trendy fashion

The cap

Easy to wear and universal, the cap is really comfortable. Her boyish side makes her the favorite accessory of many girls looking for a casual outfit. There is a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures. If you want to have a brand cap, it takes about thirty euros. There are also very good models from 10 euros to 20 euros. It all depends on what you are looking for!

cap woman idea look

You can combine your cap with a sporty outfit or an elegant outfit. We love the look below: cap, blue jersey and jeans skirt.

blue cap woman t-shirt

Denim is always fashionable and will always be. This summer, you can add a denim cap in your dressing room. Combine it with a sailor and pants or skirt.

cap woman blouse stripes idea holding fashionClassic sailor, sports pants and cap: casual and easy to wear.

woman look summer outfit hat cap

The visor is super stylish and very original. It is usually cheaper than straw hats. The visor perfectly protects the face from the sun, but does not protect the head. You can then opt for both! When the sun is less strong, you can wear the visor. And when he is stronger, wear the hat to protect yourself 100%.

hat asos look summer trend fashion outfitstraw hat for woman summer outfitsummer woman look idea

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