Trends : what we will wear for the new season

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Trends : what we will wear for the new season

idea for fall trends

As the year progresses, so do the hottest styles. There were so many fresh looks that appeared on the fashion rugs and also street style inspired to try this year! Fall 2020 fashion trends offer us ubiquitous neutral color combinations, vibrant shades and plenty of other ideas for anyone who wants to be modern for the new season. So get ready to see these fall 2020 fashion trends all around you!

Brightly colored suits are one of the biggest fall 2020 fashion trends

fall fashion trend 2020: suit

Bright color costumes

Impress everyone by wearing a suit in a bright color in the office and after work for drinks with your friends. This fall 2020 fashion trend will brighten everyone’s day and elevate your wardrobe instantly. Instead of going for traditional shades, try something more fashy this time around like blue or red.

Bright colors are no longer just for warm seasons

fall fashion trends 2020 with colors

Find a shade that follows your skin tone the best and highlights you. Add accessories like a stylish bag and a pair of funky shoes. This is a versatile version that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Leather continues to be among the fall 2020 fashion trends and this time in the form of long coats

leather coat trends fall fashion 2020

Brown leather coats

Don’t be afraid of the cold weather any longer by wearing a brown leather coat! The brown leather coat is one of the most popular fall 2020 fashion trends because it is a classic option and goes with everything for the cooler months, while still keeping us very stylish. Wear your coat with a pair of skinny pants or a miniskirt.

Long brown leather coat to be warm in autumn

fall fashion trends 2020 for coats

You can even put a belt around the waist and turn your coat into a beautiful leather dress! The perfect shades to wear for the new season with your brown coat include black, gray or blue. So, get ready to take your coat everywhere with you in fall and winter!

Monochromatic outfits are always very stylish for any occasion

fall fashion trends 2020 with a neutral look

Monochromatic looks in neutral colors

Monochromatic looks in neutral colors have been among the most enduring fashion trends for a few seasons now and they are also going to stay on trend for the new fall season 2020. These uniform pieces and neutral combinations are very easy to replicate and look great. to everybody. You have the choice between a suit in a sandy shade with a turtleneck, a jumpsuit or why not a leather skirt.

Beige is often the color chosen to make a monochromatic outfit

fall fashion trends 2020 with neutral colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying neutral undertones – try the sandblasted shade, camel shade, or even buff. The possibilities are truly endless and these are options that will never go out of fashion that are best to have in your wardrobe.

In the fall, tucking your straight pants into the boots is one of the fall 2020 fashion trends.

fall fashion trends 2020 with boots

Wide pants tucked into the boots

Using the mix and match technique for new fall 2020 fashion trends is a great way to discover something new. And that’s exactly what this new trend is doing. Tucking your straight pants into your boots creates a bit of funky flair for your otherwise classic outfit and lends a bit more punk look to your entire ensemble.

pants entered the autumn boots

It doesn’t matter if you prefer combat or cowboy boots, you are likely going to be able to find the perfect pair of boots to accentuate your personality.

Blue and neutral colors are a very trendy combination for fall

blue in combination with neutral colors

Blue combined with neutral shades

Being among the most prominent combinations for the next season, neutral shades combined with a bit of blue are a very popular choice. This is a combination of the most fashionable shades for the past few months with an added touch of magic.

Blue tunic combined with a neutral colored bag

modern outfit in blue and neutral colors

Choose between an elegant suit in brown worn with a blue bag or opt for a monochromatic ensemble in blue and wear with a pair of classic brown leather boots. It’s a great option for everyone and it’s so versatile that you can create it with hundreds of different parts.

The yellow leather coat is a super stylish choice for fall

trendy yellow leather coats

Maxi coats in yellow

Brighten up even the grayest days by wearing a maxi coat in bright yellow! Yellow is a vibrant and clear color and it is sure that wearing it you will turn heads. Wear yellow with other different colors or combine with a turtleneck in white and boots in brown.

fall fashion trends 2020 with yellow leather coat

You can choose a yellow trench coat or a puff jacket – there are plenty of different ways to find the yellow coat that suits you!

boots for fall in cream color

Soft cream colored boots

Soft boots are one of the hottest fall 2020 fashion trends. Stopping just above the knee, these boots are perfect for cold weather. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a warm cream shade or rather off-white, with these boots your outfit will immediately become more elegant.

podernes boots for fall

Complement the pale undertone with a white tee or button-down shirt underneath your coat and accentuate with a black dress or oversized blazer.

tiger prints for fall

Tiger prints

For each new season there is a new animal print that comes into fashion. And for fall 2020 we are crazy about the tiger print. This funky and fresh print is a great way to liven up a monochromatic outfit without going overboard. The combination of warm black and brown will go perfectly with the fall temperatures.

trendy tiger print coat

Add a pair of blue jeans into the mix and don’t be afraid to play around with the printed accessories or shoes. Have fun with these latest trends – it’s a great way to refresh your look.

handbag in bright color

Handbags in bright colors

Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu and plenty of other brands – plenty of designers have embraced this fashion trend for fall 2020 in the form of colorful handbags. Go for bright colors for the rest of your outfit.

trendy handbag for fall

Try orange in combination with browns and neutrals, yellow with blue, or red and white. Keep this accessory under your arm for maximum impact – it’s comfortable and stylish and looks good on everyone.

fashion accessories for fall

Oak necklaces worn with hoop earrings

When it comes to accessories, sometimes more is better. This season, you can wear an oak necklace with a pair of hoop earrings very well to be on trend. These classic pieces of jewelry are timeless in design and work well with any type of outfit.

modern accessories for fall

Go for gold or silver or another color to spice up your outfit. You would no doubt want to wear each jumpsuit every day, no matter where you go.

modern skirt for fall


Fringe clothing and accessories have been a big hit on fashion rugs this season.

idea of ​​coats with fringes

Instead of being made for admirers of the boho style, in the fall we will see them in the office in the form of chic skirts like at Christian Dior, evening coats like at Bottega Veneta or many other interesting designs to try.

green leather gloves


Instead of desperately shopping for another pair of black gloves for the new Fall / Winter 2020 season, it’s finally time to invest in a style you could keep for years to come.

leather gloves for fall

Get inspired by Saint Laurant, Valentino and Miu Miu and their fashion rugs and opt for gloves in bright colors – a continuation of the colorful leather trend of spring 2020.

metallic fall outfit

Metallic fabrics

This fall, metallic shades offer a new way to brighten up cozy knits and fall boots with options that can be worn both to work and to go out.

modern jacket in metallic color

Low-key shimmering stripes covered blazers at Versace, while shimmering metallic shades in silver were in the form of button-down coats at Brunello Cucinelli.

elegant collar for fall

Elegant collars

Perhaps one of the best trends for fall, collars come in different shapes for the new season. From embroidered Peter Pan collars and abstract ruffled styles to the pointed and exaggerated versions that grab your attention, collars add a bit of extra detail to every outfit.

autumn outfit idea with modern collar

And with so many different options to choose from, this is a trend for Fall 2020 that can easily adapt to your personality.

wide shoulder fall blouse

Bulky shoulders

Puffed sleeves or shoulders have been very fashionable for a few seasons now. Although in the spring the voluminous shoulders were very soft and feminine, for the fall the designers were more specific for the fall 2020 focusing on the strong shoulders in combination with straight sleeves for a slightly more editorial finish.

women blouse for fall

At JW Anderson the interpretations of voluminous shoulders were more feminine, while at Christopher John Rogers the silhouettes were more straight and geometric. No matter how you are going to wear your bulky shoulders, you are no doubt going to impress.

matching set for fall

Matching sets

Is it really possible not to like a matching set? No, we don’t think so. The ease of having an outfit ready for you while having the versatility of wearing its pieces separately in combination with other clothes is a very good reason to be happy to see more and more designers choosing them for their collections. fall.

outfit with matching set for fall

The novelty ? New prints, slightly relaxed silhouettes and matching jackets to make it even more interesting.

modern sweater for fall

Color blocks

Color blocks aren’t exactly a new fall 2020 fashion trend, yet they were kind of forgotten until the 2010s when they resurfaced. And after almost 10 years, color blocks are reappearing on fashion rugs for an unexpected season.

ideas for uatomne fashion trends

Although bright colors are often on trend in spring, for fall 2020 some designers have explored ranges of primary colors and blends of other bright colors on fall and winter fabrics like leather, velvet. and glitter by offering an adequate solution to avoid the blues of winter blues.

woman blouse with nieud


Knots! They are not just for kindergarten anymore. The rise of the retro trend inspired by childhood has only increased over the past few years. During the summer, the hottest trends were tie-dyes, bracelets, hair accessories, pastel hair, and floral designs, so it’s no real surprise that this trend continues to go even further. away with the knots.

modern hairstyle for fall

Designers place bows on top of hats, repeat them as patterns on the dresses, and even use them as ties. In case this trend inspires you, you can try the knots in neutral colors in the form of bow ties like at Christopher Kane which offers a little more versatility and makes the knots maybe a little more approachable.

modern look idea with skirt

Lively plaids

A large majority of us know and wear the plaids. Some brands, such as Burberry, for example, have created their entire identity around these Scottish motifs. Having already seen them in many different shapes, it’s always impressive to see what new iterations the designers will think of to reinvent the throws.

modern plaid print

Over the years we have seen throws fall into a lot of popular categories like gringe, uniforms etc. For the fall 2020 season, the throws come in bold bold colors and the designers are trying on the matching outfits and patchwork patterns.

modern plaid print trendy tiger print for fall voluminous shoulder leather dress

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