Trends : Winter fashion 2020 – here are the trends to follow this fall winter season!

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Trends : Winter fashion 2020 – here are the trends to follow this fall winter season!

fashion winter 2020 autumn women trends

Today we bring you the fall winter 2020/2021 trends. All current models, fabrics, colors and details are yours to discover. And although there are still a few weeks before the arrival of the cold days, we offer to get to know the main winter 2020 fashion trends. So you can select your trendy outfits in advance and prepare for the next day. returned in peace.

Winter fashion 2020 and ideas of looks for fall – follow the trends consciously

winter fashion 2020 trends

The trends for the fall winter 2020 season still reflect the mood of the company. By 2021, conscious consumption remains the main trend in society. Therefore, we advise you not to change the entire wardrobe for the start of the school year. Use fashion trends to add new elements to your wardrobe, try to use things in new ways, and if possible, modify and complement your old outfits. But if you are buying new models, pay attention to the relevance of the silhouette and what is coming on the catwalks in winter 2020 fashion. Many of the clothes in our wardrobes remain timeless, so take advantage of the season to wear them!

Winter fashion 2020 and fall trends – long sleeves

trendy jacket 2021

Sleeves are one of the most important trends for next season. Fashion designers invite you to follow the trend and choose dresses, skirts, jackets and even handbags with the longest fringes of leather and fabric. They will make each of your outfits more airy. During fashion weeks, bangs have appeared in all their forms at fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Among the top fall and winter trends, bangs are not just a decorative detail, but a style statement.

Fall and winter fashion trends 2020 – eye-catching details around the neck

modern woman dress 2021

One of the fall / winter 2020 fashion trends has focused on the details: on the necks. And fashion designers still give us plenty of intriguing options: from the Renaissance neck to the pretty embroidered collars from our grandmothers days, from the big pointed 70s necks to the elegant and contrasting in the style of the 90s… The choice is yours!

Fall Winter 2020 trends – prints

winter fashion 2020 fashion week colors

Prints are always on the list of fall and winter fashion trends. But from the variety of options available, designers periodically change their favorite patterns. The main trend in the fall collections has been the mixture of graphic blocks of different sizes and shades. Erdem, Burberry, Christopher Kane come up with their own take on this “timeless” fall trend, whether it’s elegance or a fantastic graphic touch, “mix and match.” Brown and blue tartan with diffuse stripes, coffee and even red and black. The most prominent examples can be found in the collections of Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten and other brands.

Winter fashion 2020 – long gloves

chic woman fashion outfits

Long gloves seem to be a trend that complements outfits with long sleeves during Paris Fashion Week, but also on the catwalks in New York, London and Milan. The long gloves turned out to be more versatile than we had imagined. And, in fact, the designers apparently added them to everything that was possible, from evening dresses to formal suits. The unexpected addition of gloves to the most modern sets is ideal for the colder season.

Givenchy showed a great example of how to style this trend in everyday life. Valentino showed just how contrasting organza dresses and leather gloves and boots can look.

Fall Winter 2020 trends – the women’s suit

winter fashion 2020 looks woman shades

The male costume has not lost its popularity in recent years. But, in the new winter 2020 fashion collections, the trend is towards femininity. She makes a statement with a skirt and jacket suit. It seems that the fashion world has grown a bit weary of men’s minimalist suits. It was replaced by another, supplemented with original touches. For example, Y / Project created a blazer, Altuzarra left the shoulders visible as much as possible. And Burberry added flying fabric wings to the jacket!

Fall winter 2020 women’s fashion trends – the color lock

winter fashion 2020 looks for women trends

Fall is a time to dress “in layers”. And, in fact, the trends for fall as well as winter fashion 2020 are a time of experimenting with colors. The fashion shows showed surprisingly creative and unexpected color combinations. We take as prevue the reds and pinks at Alberta Ferretti and Hugo Boss. At the same time, Prada, Gucci and Versace combined shades from opposite sides of the color wheel. And that comes to prove once again that there are hardly any shades that cannot be used together.

Fall Winter 2020 trends – patchwork

winter fashion 2020 trendy woman looks

Along with the 70s style trend, the fall / winter collections featured many patchwork effects and imitations of them. To do this, they included either contrasting leather in Marni or a mix of prints in Missoni. In addition, mosaic was used as a means of refreshing fabrics.

Winter 2020 fashion and trendy fall outfits – jackets

prints trend woman 2021

If you’re not particularly fond of oversized jackets, we’ve got some great news for you. In the fall and winter of 2020-2021, well-designed silhouettes will become a big trend. While the waistline was highlighted with belts last year, this fall will be under the auspices of slim fit and decorative details.

Fashion outfits for the fall-winter season – corsets

corset woman winter trends

We’ve seen corsets of all kinds on the fashion trend list for spring and summer 2020. But the fact that corsets have returned to all collections becomes evident after the fall shows. This is a reminder of the fashion of the early 2000s when corsets were very trendy and worn in all variations.

Fall-winter season trends – the color of the year

winter fashion 2020 trends woman idea

Classic blue has become the color of 2020. Some representatives of the English royal family do not leave the pages of magazines, including fashion. Therefore, it is no surprise that many designers have actively used royal blue in their fall collections. This shade of blue is also associated with stability and reliability. These are all qualities which are somewhat forgotten nowadays and which we miss so much.

We hope you enjoyed our summary of the trends displayed during Fashion Weeks. We invite you to take a look at our photo gallery for examples of outfits that showcase just these trends. Below, lots of interesting ideas for adopting the most beautiful looks from the start!

Winter fashion 2020 and fall trends – inspirations in pictures

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