Trends : zoom on the hottest must have of the season

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Trends :

zoom on the hottest must have of the season

street style woman summer 2019 black jeans white shirt

What are the most popular summer style street trends in 2019 and the hottest must have of the season? Discover through our gallery of over 20 inspiring outfits.

street style new york woman look outfit

It's really hot outside! And yes, it's summer, the hottest season of the year, but also the one that makes the summer evenings unforgettable moments of sharing. Summer inspires us to revisit his dressing room and add some new things.

street style fashion woman jeans new york

Street style woman summer 2019: the hottest must have of the season

In summary, the cuts are wide and the reasons are very present. We put on a casual look and cool at a time. Because being comfortable with your outfit is having a successful and modern outfit! Denim is always present and worn in all possible forms. The color palette is rich and varied. It is permissible to mix colors, patterns and textures and to experiment with them. Today's fashion style is very much influenced by the aesthetics of the '90s when everything was wide.

street style woman summer 2019 look holding pants stripes

Patterns and prints

There is something very kitsch about leopard print, but also very chic, do not you think? They are just as fashionable as in previous years. If you already have a garment or accessory with leopard patterns, then this is the perfect time to wear it!

street style dress patterns pattern summer trend 2019flowersplaid jacket dress pattern idea holding Tiles and abstract patterns

long jacket woman short shorts Classic leopard pattern

The leopard pattern is always an interesting accent in any outfit. We prefer to combine it with jeans or a black skirt. Combine leopard and pink patterns is very brave, for example. It's not going to everyone!

leopard dress idea idea dress summer street style 2019Hello, summer.

green dress patterns street style outfit 2019Green long dress with floral pattern

The oversized dress with patterns is ideal for cocktails and summer evenings. Dolce & Gabbana, Erdem, McQueen and Valentino know it too. Preferably, we opt for floral prints, but we also like those with exotic fruits. It's summer, it's light and it's festive.

street sty; e woman summer 2019 look outfit dress skirt patterns

Rerebonjour, Denim

It is simply timeless! Denim will always be in fashion or at least it is already more than a century. We wear it all seasons and in all forms: jacket, vest, pants, shorts, dress, skirt, suit and many others.

street style denim holding spring summer 2019White shirt, jeans and Docks - that's the classy thing.

street style denim holding spring summer 2019White t-shirt and jeans: classic look and always successful

street style denim holding spring summer 2019The electric scooter: the optimal means of transport in 2019?

street sty; e woman summer 2019 look outfit blue shirt jeansClassic high waisted denim, loose shoulder t-shirt and mesh bag

street sty; e woman summer 2019 look outfit jeans t-shirt

The high-waisted denim skirt is a great idea if you want to enhance your figure. She effeminates the figure. Combine with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, or with a blouse and platform sandals for more class.

holding summer 2019 woman street style

The earth is blue as an orange.

Blue is the most popular color in the world followed by red, green, orange, brown and purple. Indeed, blue is timeless. It is easy to wear and fits everyone. Light blue, dark blue, turquoise blue or duck blue: all shades are beautiful. You can marry blue with almost any color. It combines very well with black, white, yellow and gray.

blue short dress woman look Blue and red is a crisp combination.

street style blue dress fashion woman

Dressed in love!

Combining an elegant dress with shoes and accessories is a great idea for the summer. It's light, fresh and feminine at the same time.

street style blue dress fashion woman

The long dress is beautiful for spring and summer. You can combine it with pumps, sneakers, sandals or sneakers. We love the model of long dress with neckline or bare shoulder (s).

polka dot dress woman look trend fashion summer 2019

Black and white

Black and white is a more than classic association. She is timelessly elegant. In fashion or interior design, the marriage of these two colors, which are not really colors in the proper sense of the word, is always successful. Combine a white dress with a black belt, shoes and bag or vice versa.

white shirt woman pants whiteElegant black and white outfit perfect for a dinner, business meeting or evening

street style woman holding look

The suits are very comfortable and easy to wear. Long or short, they easily find their place in our dressing room summer 2019.

yellow dress woman look trend street style

Yellow is a joyous and warm color. It is particularly good for people with tanned complexion.

pants carrot pants yellow pants stripes blue shirt

Wide cut trousers

The modern outfit is one that is relaxed and lets the skin breathe. Not being comfortable with one's shoes is one of the most painful things that can happen to us. This search for permanent comfort has led to the return of wide pants. It's also the fashion of the 90s. Back in the future.

short dress woman look jacket Long jacket, boots and square cut: what a superb street style!

look woman trend shorts summer 2019 Jacket, denim shorts, fanny pack and ankle boots

The banana bag went up on fashion shows a few years ago. Its aesthetic is formidable, but its comfort is undeniable.

striped shirt look woman trend held 2019Jeans and blue striped shirt: light and chic street style

street style outfit woman look fashion trendJacket and skirt in pink ash combined with a plush top

The jacket makes elegant any outfit, even the sportiest one. For summer nights, it is good to have a small elegant jacket. Preferably, opt for a wool or soft cotton jacket. The denim jacket is just as modern. We love it for its rebel side and rock'n'roll. And you ? It's a must have piece, girl and boy.

street style outfit woman look fashion trendStreet style

Outfit made up of a little jacket and a striped short skirt combined with gorgeous sneakers and earrings! We love it. It's really chic. Sneakers are probably the most comfortable shoes in town.

street style outfit woman look fashion trendWhite shirt and black pants: what a class!

short yellow jacket plaid skirt

The plaid jacket is stylish and chic. It can be combined with a short skirt, jeans or carrot pants. For a sporty and elegant look, pair it with a pair of Vans sneakers and a rock'n'roll look at faux leather boots.

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