Trends : zoom on the trend models of the season

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Trends :

zoom on the trend models of the season

The city is empty. It's summer. Everyone packs their bags to go to the sea or elsewhere and have a good holiday. Summer is also an opportunity to revisit his dressing room and add some new pieces. One of the most comfortable menswear for summer is probably the shorts. Selection of some models of men's swim shorts super cool.

black man shorts trendy jersey style

The style.

Everything is in style. It's not the price of clothes that makes a cool outfit. It's the style. Either we have it or we do not have it. But everything can be learned is learned, right? To have style, one must first have a personality. And the style is to assume that personality and interpret it through his outfit in an accomplished way. Finally, the style rhymes with comfort. The more you are comfortable in our outfit, the more we look cool and relaxed. Do not take yourself seriously.

swim shorts men black patterns model buy online

And now zoom in on some really cool men's swim shorts models ...

A few years ago, men started wearing pink and purple. We had mixed feelings for this trend: is it really cool? The answer is rather yes. We must get out of the boxes of pink and blue! Viva the revolucion.

swim shorts man patterns look summer

The stripes are still trend in 2019 and they will always be because they are really cool! In fashion or interior design, stripes invite themselves without hesitation. Go for a men's black and white striped swim shorts and combine it with a banana bag.

swim shorts man patterns look summer

Blue is the favorite color of most people in the world. This color goes everywhere and to everyone. Rich in shades, blue blends easily with black, white, brown, yellow, orange and many more. It is also recognized as the soothing color par excellence, after the white of course.

swim shorts man patterns look summer

Men's patterned swim shorts? Why not !

Having a patterned shorts is always cool in 2019. We find this style different and funny. Flowers, fruits, vegetables or cookies, you will find models of bath shorts man with super cool patterns at Asos. We love their swimwear models for men with flower patterns. Finally, you will find the most beautiful models out there. There is something for every taste and every style.

swim shorts man asos summer look trend shorts swimsuit A men's swim shorts with autumn patterns? Why not !

swim shorts man asos summer look trend shorts swimsuit

Or a shark man swim shorts?

black man swim shorts

The men's swim shorts are a classic. You can wear it everywhere and with everything.

swim shorts man asos patterns

Having a cute patterned men's swim shorts is a brave idea. One thing is certain and certain, you will not go unnoticed! We love this model of men's swim shorts with original patterns.

swim shorts man asos patternsMen's swim shorts with hearts? How cute.

A men's swim shorts with hearts? These shorts will never go unnoticed. It may be a bit too much, but if you feel like it, go for it. Assume your personality, assume your style.

shorts bath man white model buy online

The shorts in white is also very trendy. It is great for men with a tanned complexion. Finally, everything depends on the model and your own desires. For men with a white complexion, we recommend the white men's swim shorts with black stripes. Combine it with black flip flops.

swim shorts men blue flamingo model buy onlinePink flamingo swim shorts

We must dare the difference. If you like this super eccentric swim shorts model, but you're not sure it's a good idea, do not hesitate! Wear what makes you want and dare to be different. To be different, it takes courage.

blue men's pineapple pattern shortsBlue men's swim shorts with pineapple pattern

men's bathing shorts pineapple green

What fun man's pineapple swim shorts? Pineapple is not only a cool motif, but also a super healthy fruit. He is full of vitamins!

shorts bath man geometric designs

Geometric patterns will always be fashionable! In the form of shorts, t-shirt or blouse, they give a dynamic side to the outfit that is very cool. Speaking of geometric shapes, it is also impossible not to mention the fashion tattoos of geometric shapes.

red man shorts trend red swimsuit

Combine your men's swim shorts with a pair of cool glasses. This red men's swim shorts model is indeed the classic sports swim shorts model. We like it because it is not very long. The stripes add a super stylish side.

black motives design idea man asos

We love this model of men's swim shorts with leaf patterns. He is minimalist and happy at the same time. This pattern is also perfect for a shirt, a t-shirt and even for pants.

jersey man asos pink design cactus patterns

Having a men's cactus pattern shorts is a pretty funny idea. Can not find one?

Never wear uncomfortable clothing or shoes. When someone is uncomfortable in their outfit, it can be seen right away. This is the principle of style. If you do not feel good about what you're wearing, then the style is a little bit missed.

The total look: pink cloud shorts and t-shirt, hipster socks and flip-flops, and finally, the icing on the cake, the 80s sunglasses.

Men's swim shorts in classic black

There are also patterned men's swim shorts inspired by cartoons or comics. We find them rather cute and original. And then, cartoons and comics are super cool, right?

The leopard pattern is timeless. It is not necessarily worn by everyone, but those who dare, carry it without hesitation. If you want to be different from the crowd, then this summer, opt for a leopard-patterned man swim shorts. You will not go unnoticed.

Another model of striped men's swim shorts, but this time in white and blue. It has a super nice circus side, do not you think?

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