Trendy arrows 2021-2022 – unusual arrows on the eyes

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Trendy arrows 2021-2022 – unusual arrows on the eyes

Trendy arrows 2021-2022

The era of the coronavirus pandemic does not pass without leaving its mark on the fashion world. Trends 2021-2022 are maximally adapted to modern realities and there are many interesting solutions among them. Arrows are one of the top makeup trends. In 2021, the classic drawing of a sharp tip was replaced by extraordinary solutions that allow fashionistas to make a bright accent in make-up, despite the need to wear a protective mask. What ideas will help make the look expressive while staying in trend?

“Fox” eyes

In order to achieve an alluring look of a predator, there are several techniques for performing foxy eyes. The key rule is that the arrow line must be extended to the tip of the eyebrows, which visually raises the corner of the eye.

You can draw a sharp tip in the inner corner, and this will make the look sly, like a real chanterelle. To do this, you can use a liner to match the entire arrow or in a contrasting color.

Swallow Arrows

Continuing the animalistic theme, it is worth highlighting the swallow arrows, beloved by makeup artists, who complement the images of models at shows. This subtle makeup element consists of a bifurcation of the arrow at the end of the eyebrow in the form of a graceful swallow tail.

Graphic arrows

This trend is a smooth transition from previous seasons and remains original in 2021. Such makeup will suit every girl and make any look truly fashionable. The main feature of graphic arrows is lightness and airiness, achieved through their application to the crease of the eyelid, and not just along the line of growth of the cilia. As a result, the arrows seem to float in the air, visually enlarging the eyes and giving them expressiveness.

To draw the lines of such arrows, you can use black eyeliner, but make-up artists as one agree that it is worth giving free rein to imagination and adding bright trend colors to the makeup.

Colored arrows

Today, such makeup is incredibly relevant even for everyday wear. You can use liners in bright colors – yellow, neon green, blue and others, in combination with a classic black eyeliner or on your own. This summer trend will help bring a touch of sunshine and warmth into the fall / winter 2021-2022 season.

Double arrows

Another original idea of ​​a trendy make-up is double arrows. You can draw both lines on the upper eyelid, or draw one of them along the line of the cilia, and highlight the resulting “incision” to make it expressive with concealer.

Bottom arrows

This option for drawing arrows is also popular in 2021 and involves drawing a line exclusively along the lower lash line. Perfect makeup for a party or fashion photography.

A pandemic and the need to hide most of the face under a mask is not a reason to give up bright makeup. Eye makeup with unusual arrows will help you stand out from the crowd and remain spectacular.

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