Trendy coats and jackets: 20 new guns for spring 2019

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Trendy coats and jackets: 20 new guns for spring 2019

With sunny days approaching and warmer temperatures, the idea of ​​putting down jackets and other warm parkas with the winter business seriously gives us a balm to the heart! Because yes, with the few rays of sun that begin to point the tip of their nose, to us pretty little coats and other jackets and jackets for a new stylish season! There is still something to have fun in the heart of the latest collections, proof by 20 with our favorites coats and jackets guns for mid-season !

Coats, jackets and jackets: what's new for the spring of 2019?

Who says mid-season obviously says basic wardrobe and timeless, just like the undeniable trench which comes down once more to the envy to fill all the styles and all the silhouettes. Beige of course or marine, it is also encanaille with contrasting bands for a more sporty or compete with elegance in long version to belted at wish to refine its size with style.

In the indispensable also, remains the Jean jacket : classic denim color, it also imposes itself this season in immaculate version or even pastel for, why not, to assuage a silhouette a bit rock'n'roll. The big novelty on the other hand this year for this queen of the basics, it will be its mid-long or long version, found in many stores, and we love it!

Unsurprisingly, the Saharan continues to reign supreme as the blazer jacket that we will adopt with pleasure in many colors: orange, green, pink, red, yellow ... We are pleased, more than ever!

Velvet is popular. And yes, he's the big star of the season! The corduroy seizes many pieces of the moment: we use and we therefore abuse a nice embossed overcoat to wear or not with pants or matching skirt.

Pallet and printed side, variety also at the rendezvous. Of flashy do you want it here, but also tiles, peas as always, flowers of coursebut Did you think about translucent? It's time ! Star of the podiums, transparent fashion also joins the bitumen for a minimalist look and definitely trendy. It's your turn !

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