Trendy colors fall-winter 2021-2022 – according to Pantone

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Trendy colors fall-winter 2021-2022 – according to Pantone

Fashion is constantly changing (not to mention the formats of Fashion weeks, which “thanks” to the pandemic have changed dramatically) – and only the Pantone Color Institute invariably issues its seasonal forecasts.

What, according to experts, are the most fashionable colors of the fall-winter 2021-2022 season?

Fashionable colors in clothes fall-winter 2021-2022

The ten main colors of the season look atypical: they have both clearly spring pastel shades and bright summer colors.

This bright blue color will remind you of summer vacations, the warm Aegean Sea and the hospitable Greek island in it. Can’t travel? But you can dream and imagine!

The color of the year 2021 warms up the entire fall / winter collection. Friendly and optimistic, he gives hope and a good mood.

Leprechauns are tiny forest men, the heroes of Irish fairy tales. According to legend, they wear bright green clothes – the same as the trendy shade in the Panton palette.

Trending colors

A bright, defiant and bold fuchsia shade is the next number in the ranking of the main colors of the next season.

A delicate pink shade reminds of beautiful roses and quiveringly romantic Turgenev young ladies. There is a sea of ​​tenderness, care, gentleness and femininity in it.

The very warm and earthy terracotta shade reminds us of not only sun-dried clay, but also travel. For example, to the desert. Why not?

This bright shade of red gives the seasonal palette, and the fashionable image, and the whole life as a whole, a certain dynamics and charges everything around with its seething “fiery” energy.

Psychologically, this purple shade with a blue undertone is a symbol of reaching your highest potential.

Light blue “Spring Lake” is the embodiment of freshness and tranquility. This shade is harder than sky blue and softer than Mykonos Blue.

The brown shade with the “alcoholic name” is intended to remind not of beer, but of the root of the sassafras tree from which it is made. It is associated with an interest in nature, medicinal teas and herbs.

Basic palette Pantone fall-winter 2021-2022

The classic palette includes 4 shades:

– Coconut Cream
– Ultimate Gray
– Soybean
– Olive Branch

Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream is a soft white shade with a barely noticeable peach undertone.

Ultimate Gray

“Absolute gray” is the second main color of the current 2021. Perfectly neutral. Calm. Sure. Reliable. Just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, it is universal – it is combined with literally all colors and shades.


A pleasant light beige shade is also excellent “friends” with all colors. It is for lovers of softer and warmer colors.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a beautiful brownish green hue. Versatile, off-season and very stylish.

Which shade did you like the most?

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