Trendy colors fall winter 2021

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Trendy colors fall winter 2021

Trendy colors fall-winter 2021

After the weeks of fashion, 25 colors can be identified that will be in vogue for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season. Last fall’s shades were practical and versatile, this year’s fall promises to be juicy, energizing and positive. This is what we missed so much during the pandemic. The trendy colors of 2021 range from neon green and passionate scarlet to basic grays and terracotta.

Do not be afraid to experiment and mix several trendy colors in one set. This is just a game. It’s just fashion!


Trendy colors fall winter 2021-2022

Sparkling and optimistic yellow will illuminate and decorate the gloomy autumn streets. An unusual shade for this time of year can be worn dosed, for example, in accessories.


Fashionable clothing colors 2021 fall-winter

Warm yellow-orange goes well and complements the basic colors: gray, brown, dark blue.

Fuchsia Fedora

Trendy colors fall-winter 2021 Panton

Fedor’s hat in fuchsia, as one of the fashion symbols of 2021, gave the name to one of the brightest shades. Designers decorated their fall collections with daring fuchsia and broke the stereotypes that this is an exclusively spring color.

Signal red (Red Alert)

Trendy colors fall winter 2021-2022 Panton

It sounds a little unsettling, but it looks amazing: majestic and sexy. Vivienne Westwood’s latest collection almost entirely (from berets to socks) consisted of this shade.

Fire Whirl

Fiery whirlwind: trendy colors fall-winter 2021

Also red, but more familiar in the autumn. Soft, noble, feminine.


Leprechaun Fall 2021 Trendy Colors

Intense bright green is a symbol of mythical creatures – leprechauns that figure in Irish folklore. They say they bring good luck and … gold!

Green Bee

Green bee: trendy colors fall-winter 2021-2022

Orchid bees that live in Central and South America do have a green body and more resemble a gemstone decoration. I don’t know if Panton meant them, but the color is really beautiful and fresh.

Clear Sky

Clear Sky: Trendy Colors Fall 2021 Panton

Translucent, cool, like a breath of fresh wind – it will take your breath away! The shade is complex and self-sufficient. No wonder the popular Netflix series “The Bridgertons included it in costume design.

Spring Lake)

Spring Lake: the color of fall 2021

Another delicious blue. More dense than the previous one. The color of crystal clear water and autumn sky.

Ibiza Blue

Ibiza Blue: trendy color for fall-winter 2021

Inspired by the busy island of Spain, this shade fills us with images of white sandy beaches, sea and pine-covered hills. Perfect blue to complement everyday base colors.

Mykonos Blue

Mykonos Blue: the trendy color of 2021

This shade of blue takes us to the Aegean Sea, to the Greek island of Mykonos. It is much deeper and richer than other shades of blue 2021, so it is perfect for outerwear: coats, raincoats, autumn jackets.


Rhodonite color 2021 Panton

It is a very autumnal navy blue with purple undertones. Intense, sophisticated, new black. Ideal for both classic and trendy styles.

Tomato Cream

Trendy colors fall-winter 2021-2022 Pantone

Shade with the aroma of spicy tomato cream soup. Warm, warming, definitely autumnal color.

Saman (Adobe)

Trendy colors of fall 2021

Unbaked clay shade. The noble, referring to the hip ’70s, just had no chance of not being a hit in 2021.


The colors of autumn 2021 by Panton

Intoxicating, elegant, timeless is all it takes to look irresistible this fall.

Business Brown (Downtown Brown)

Trendy brown fall winter 2021

Classic brown is good not only for a strict trouser suit, but also for a cozy knitted cardigan. Versatile and as practical as possible.

Root Beer

Root Beer: trendy brown in 2021

Rutbier or root beer is a carbonated drink made from the bark of the sassafras tree. Panton gave an incredibly accurate name to this new shade of brown. The same natural, dense, rich.

After Midnight

The main colors of autumn 2021

Almost black, deep, languid blue. Not gloomy, very elegant and discreet.

Olive Branch

Trendy olive green in 2021

Shades of olive come into fashion almost every fall, this one is no exception. Soft, natural, it is perfect for both casual and go-out sets.

Perfectly Pale

Fashionable colors in clothes in 2021

Delicate, complex, a cross between shades of eggshell and baked milk. A tone that accentuates the skin and matches any color. Really perfect.

Coconut Cream

Colors 2021 Pantone

Another charming light shade. Colder, with a touch of refreshing pink.

Soybean (Soybean)

Fall / Winter 2021-2022 colors

Bleached yellow beige. A classic that will never go out of style. Great for cotton blouses and silk dresses.

Ultimate Gray

Trendy gray in 2021

Not boring at all. Reliable and reassuring. Good both solo and in combination with any bright shade.

First Blush

Trendy pink 2021 in clothes

Delicate, sophisticated, not touching in autumn. Love at first sight, not otherwise!

Pale Rosette

Light pink color in clothes

Calm, soft and romantic pink color. Pantone described it as “the color of a baby blanket that you can wrap yourself in and feel comfortable in.” What you need for autumn!

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