Trendy colors of autumn-winter 2019/2020

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Trendy colors of autumn-winter 2019/2020

Venetian blond

This color glamorous and bright is definitely the star of the season. Beautiful on long or short hair, it brings a very sophisticated side to the face. You can wear it evenly over the entire hair. You can also decorate it with a few blonde locks, a little light, deposited on the contours of the face.

Honey chestnut

Easy to maintain and very glossy, this color is ideal for fall-winter. It can be performed on light brown or dark brown hair, to bring them more shine and contrast. The right technique: perform it as a sweep by slightly accentuating the highlights of the top of the head and the front of the face. This gives more radiance.

The golden blonde

This coloring timeless and very chic sublimates especially the light skins. She also brings a good-looking effect with golden complexions. To give it more contrast, wear it with slightly darker roots. And to prevent it from turning yellow, regularly make a patina in the hair salon and maintain it at home with special care blond hair.

Deep brown

This dark color is very trendy this autumn-winter. It is suitable not only for all skin tones but also gives an impression of a more voluminous hair. To soften it slightly, combine it with a few highlights caramel. What offer a result a little more subtle and avoid hardening your features after forty years.

Flamboyant red

Yes theauburn and mahogany remain inevitable fall-winter, flamboyant red is also a strong trend this season. Beautiful on very fair skinit boosts the radiance of the complexion. To create a natural effect, the ideal is to mix different shades of red. This also brings more contrast within the hair.

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