Trendy denim overall: it's back in the spring / summer of 2019 (and it's cool)

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Trendy denim overall: it's back in the spring / summer of 2019 (and it's cool)

Since when have not you worn it? The college or high school years? What a pity : under its cool and regressive look, the bib is an off-road outfit and ready to all styles.
Born in the late 19th century, this protective clothing is quickly adopted by American workers and farmers who are crazy about its rustic material and its bib (its front pocket that some call "plastron"), ultra convenient to use. In the 1970s, the hippie movement recovers its worker symbol and turns it away: the denim overalls become more tight. She becomes even mini dress in girls!
At the time, cooler than she, we do not do it. As a result, all the kids of the 1970s and 1980s grow up with her ... until disgust. But for 10 years, in the shadow of the suit, the overalls timidly prepared its comeback and, this time, for sure: 2019 will be the year or never the overalls. Brands and creators decided so!

What to recognize a bib overall?

Does the question seem stupid and its answer obvious? Think again: many people still confuse the jumpsuit and the jumpsuit, pointing at each other.
To distinguish them, it's simple, the overalls always attach with suspenders. The combi, no.

Result: if it has suspenders, the overalls are not necessarily pants, it can also be short or skirt !
Another distinctive sign: the overalls, in its purist version, necessarily has a bib.

What overalls to wear in 2019?

More than a century after its creation, the overalls have not aged. But to be on top of the trend, better to do attention to some details that will prove its ultra modernity.
The overalls XXL always has its aficionados: but in 2019, the most wanted it's the right.
Beyond the cut, it is at the length of the legs that connoisseurs will know if your overalls are at the top or not. The 7 / 8th and legs cropped have become the new standard. Sometimes difficult to associate in the middle of winter with his boots (because yes, must we hide this space left between the bottom of the pants and the top of his shoe?), The length 7 / 8th is easy to adopt the summer with just about every model of shoes.
And for those who dare not sacrifice the length of their old overalls, nothing is easier: just roll and roll up the legs and the effect will be almost identical.
Color side: the black and lightly used blue hold the top of the box. In 2019, overalls only slightly tolerate fantasies and excessive washes. The white denim ? It is by far the most pointed.

How to wear the overalls?

Vintage option : if you are nostalgic of seventies and you have already abandoned the slim jeans for flare, you are ripe to re-try the combo slightly skinny overalls but paw Eph + hooves feet!
Cool option : to you models oversized. The only rule to respect: slip a T-shirt or a tank top underneath (you should not risk the bra accident) and feminize your pace as much as possible: if the legs of the overalls are long, roll them up to reveal the kick and a piece of skin. White sneakers are allowed, but a pair of Spartans or pretty sneakers, will be more suitable. Accessory side: it's yes to tote-bags and wicker baskets provided they are associated with some more sophisticated jewelry, watches and necklaces in mind.
Working girl option : in 2019, the overalls are still delicate to wear at the office. To make it incognito, cunning with straight cuts and denim canvases without washing or wear. Below, slip him a fine sweater worn on the skin or a pretty blouse and up-gradez all with a leather leather color camel. At the feet ? Mandatory heels. You do not dare the overalls in its most literal version, in this case, why not try the overalls dress? It will be easier to pass for a first try.

Full summer option : Is it really necessary to talk about it? On vacation, give up extra long overalls for shorts overalls! With her ? It's flip flops during the day, boots in the evening for a little western look or small shoes with colorful heels to seduce.

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