Trendy hairstyle: 20 braids to adopt for spring / summer

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Trendy hairstyle: 20 braids to adopt for spring / summer

Glued, classic, long ... There is a multitude of ways to make mats. And there is inevitably one that will please you! If they are very simple to do on long hair, there are some that are also suitable for shorter hair. You can make African mats for example, they are ultra-trendy.

Simple braids (but cannons!)

If you have trouble doing them yourself, do not hesitate to leave on an easier model so as not to complicate your life. The bonded mat is particularly simple to do: just braid three wicks your hair together and take a new strand of hair on each side of your head when you make a new knot. Free to do a thick, or two who arrive on each side of your face, or one, but who stops in the middle of the head to come attach in baby grand.

More elaborate hairstyles

Some are more complicated to do: they are in spikes or group wicks wisely interlaced. This is the case for example of that of the international supermodel Cara Delevingne : while a braid is stuck on one side of her head, all her hair is found on the other side, knotted with pretty pretty loose romantic mat. We love !

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Follow the guide and make a beautiful braided crown!

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