Trendy pants "paper bag": 20 models canons that change jeans (you know!?)

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Trendy pants "paper bag": 20 models canons that change jeans (you know!?)

The jeans get tired and you do not dare (yet) adopt the overalls? So, the "paper bag" is perhaps the solution to continue the season without giving up the pants.

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But first, what is a paper-bag pant?

Basically, it is the anti-low-waist, which was so much fury in the early 2000s.
Three criteria are important to distinguish a real "paper bag" from a simple high waist pants:
1: He has a belt : or a cord. In short, it has something at the waist that allows you to tighten and blouse the excess of tissue that is just above.
2: He is large : to guarantee the tightened effect and "ruffled" sought, the cut of the pants must be straight, at least. But the wider it will be, the more the result will be there! The "paper bag" and the skinny are definitely incompatible.
3: It is really tall, very high waist limit : if the size just covers the navel, the effect "froufrou" will not work!
Ultimate precision: the term "paper-bag" is not synonymous with trousers. It refers more to a cut that highlights a surplus of gathered fabric at the waist. Result: the paper bag can also be combined with skirts and shorts!

Morpho advice: who can wear the paper bag?

Let's be honest: with its accentuated size, this model is clearly not suitable for all morphologies.
You are small and petite? Adopt it without blinking, taking care of throwing the silhouette with a pair of shoes with heels or wedge sneakers. And keep the sense of proportion in mind by adding square-shaped T-shirts and short, arched denim jackets.
Your size is not marked and you complex? To you also the "paper bag": its effect "froufrou" just as the navel is perfect to illusion and feminize all your look .... Reason why the "paper bag" will be handled with great care if, on the contrary, your belly is curvaceous or if your hips are already very round, in short, if your morphology is already very voluptuous.

How to wear paper-bag pants this summer 219?

Frilly waist with big belt and length 7 / 8th : that's what the most fashionable model of spring-summer 2019 looks like.
By revealing the ankles, it is by far the easiest form of pants to adopt in summer. The one that adapts most easily to our different looks and our shoes. Whether in sneakers, sandals or sneakers dad shoes, we play it cool or chic, it works with everything and is extremely feminine with a pair of high heels.

That's why, you can also consider the "paper bag" for all your ceremonial outfits of the season: in this case, prefer a fluid and wide model and associate it with coats or shirts coordinated that you will do very little slightly blouse to leave the knot of the belt well apparent.
In terms of colors, and the summer season, nude and camel hues are the most sought after, even if we also observe some more flashy tones.
If you are already thinking of postponing your trousers "paper bag" in the fall, then bet on black or navy.

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