Trousers for every day: how to choose comfortable women’s pants

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Trousers for every day: how to choose comfortable women’s pants

Trousers are an important wardrobe item and have the main advantages – convenience and practicality. Women’s trousers will easily emphasize your uniqueness and sexy figure. It will not be cheap to purchase all models of trousers, but it is simply necessary to have several options in your home collection.

Comfortable pants for women

Trousers for women have become so common clothing that it is difficult to imagine the fact that they were banned several centuries ago. Today trousers are, first of all, a comfortable piece of clothing for a walk, work, study, holiday. And their versatility makes it possible to combine kits, fit a specific occasion, look attractive and avoid mediocrity.

Pants models for every day

When choosing a model of trousers, you need to focus not only on fashionable styles, but also on the features of the figure. Let’s consider the most common options:

Chino model.

This is a slightly tapered, straight model in linen or cotton with pintucks at the waist and side pockets. The length of these trousers can be easily adjusted by rolling the legs up. Chinos are quite practical and are popular with many women for their simplicity and loose fit.

A great option for walking and office. Great for inverted triangle and hourglass shapes. They are combined with blouses and shirts of a simple cut, a loose sweater or a fitted jacket. Shoes with heels, low-speed shoes, sneakers, sandals are suitable for these trousers, it all depends on the specific case.

Luxurious palazzo.

Trousers of this type are characterized by a high waist, wide legs with a maximum length to the floor. The material can be thin or dense, the main thing is that it flows. Due to its cut, this model visually stretches the silhouette of a woman, emphasizing elegance. Fashionable trousers are appropriate to combine with a blouse, shirt, T-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt. It is better to choose shoes with a stable heel, low run or platform.

Flared trousers.

These trousers are flared from the hip and from the knee. A flared thigh looks good on tall women with voluminous hips. This style hides the imperfections of the legs and slims. As a top, it is better to wear a blouse, jacket, tight-fitting sweater. A flare from the knee or slightly higher sits perfectly on the figure, emphasizing the waist, buttocks and visually lengthens the legs. A classic shirt, a spacious blouse or a stylish T-shirt are ideal for them. Flared trousers are ideal to wear under the heel, the length should reach the toes of the shoes.

The classic version.

Features of this style:

  • straight cut along the entire length or slightly tapered to the bottom;
  • the presence of an arrow;
  • strict fit at the waist;
  • minimum of details.

Classic trousers are the basis for a business suit, which will complement a light blouse or shirt with a jacket. But the combination with a tight-fitting top or an elongated tunic under a belt will perfectly fit into a casual look or for events. Shoes should be high-heeled, but those with long legs can afford to wear pumps or strappy sandals.

Wide leg pants for women

Recommendations when choosing trousers

Basic tips when buying products:

  1. The main condition for choosing trousers is the correct size. They should not cut between the buttocks or in the groin; there should also be no folds in these places. You can try to grab some fabric on the hips, if it doesn’t work, then the pants are small.
  2. If there are pockets in the model, then they should be on the most convex places of the buttocks.
  3. Choosing a color for classic trousers is better than basic shades: gray, brown, black, dark blue, beige. For curvy ladies, it is better to avoid light shades, and opt for dense dark material. Light and bright shades look harmonious in the warm season on slender figures.
  4. To create a basic wardrobe, a woman must have at least three options for trousers: classic – to create a business image, casual and original for special occasions.

Competently selected trousers will favorably emphasize all your advantages, style, femininity and individuality. On the website of the online store “Betty Barclay” you will find a huge selection of stylish trousers of excellent quality. And to create a unique image, it will cost quite inexpensively.

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