Tuto beauty: make your black kohl in 5 minutes

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Tuto beauty: make your black kohl in 5 minutes

Cost : € 1.25
: 5 min

1. Melt1 g of rice wax, 0.2 g of candelilla wax, 1 g of shea butter and 0.8 g of jojoba vegetable oil in a bain-marie over low heat. You must obtain a perfectly fluid mixture . Use a small whisk if necessary.

2. Add 2 g activated charcoal, off the heat. mixagain to get a homogeneous black color .

3. Pour the mixture into a empty pencil(available from Aroma-zone, for example) using a pipette or syringe. For convenience, you can also pour the preparation into a little pot glass . You just have to apply the kohl with a fine or beveled brush.

4. Let cool kohl half a day in the refrigerator, the time that the matter freezes perfectly.

5.Take your kohl pencil out at room temperature for 1 hour before trimming it, then apply it along the upper or lower lash line. Avoid the inside of the eye because its rich texture may leak during the day. Keep 6 months maximum, protected from heat.

Vary the effects

-For a colorful kohl pencilreplace the activated charcoal with blue, violet or green oxide.
- To create a lip pencilreplace the vegetable charcoal with red oxide.
- To obtain a satin finishadd a little mica powder to your preparation.

For further : I make my makeup, from Nathalie Ramanantsoa, ​​La Plage editions, € 9.95.

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