Tuto beauty: my cream looks good in 7 minutes chrono

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Tuto beauty: my cream looks good in 7 minutes chrono

For a smoothed complexion as soon as you wake up, no need to invest in overpriced creams. This little homemade preparation is ultra effective to illuminate the complexion and moisturize the skin deeply. You just have to follow the recipe.

1 / Pour into a first container 10 ml of oily carrot macerate and 10 ml ofapricot oil. Add 15 ml ofsugar ester emulsifier (available at Aroma-Zone for example) that will allow you to make your preparation more smooth.

2 / Melt the mixture in a bain-marie until it is perfectly homogeneous then take it out of the fire.

3 / Pour into a second container 70 ml oforange blossom hydrosol then make him shudder in a bain-marie. Add it to the first preparation.

4 / Using a small whip or a fork, stir vigorously until the cream whitens and thickens. If necessary, place the container in a cold water and continue stirring for a few seconds.

5 / Add 20 drops ofEssential oil of verbena soothing, 4 ml of vegetal glycerine moisturizer and 20 drops of conservateur cosmégard. Place everything in a small jar and keep it away from light and moisture.

Adapt the recipe to your needs by replacing the apricot oil with:

- a jojoba or hazelnut oil if you have oily skin.
- a evening primrose or argan oil if you want an anti-aging action.
- a buriti or sea buckthorn oil if your complexion lacks radiance.
- a avocado or sweet almond oil if you have drought.

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