Tuto: make your homemade mascara in 7 minutes

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Tuto: make your homemade mascara in 7 minutes

Tired of spending 10 or 20 euros in a mascara every three months? This ultra fast and natural recipe guarantees you doe eyes for just € 1.80. All the ingredients are easily found in the organic store and for some in the supermarket. It's your turn !

1 / Deposit 1/2 cuil. coffee beeswax and 1 tsp. coffee of coconut oil in a bowl. Melt everything in a bain-marie and mix. Add 1 tbsp. coffee liquid vitamin E, a natural preservative.

2 / Melt 3 tbsp. coffee aloe vera gel in another bowl, in a bain-marie. Add it to the first preparation, then pour 1 tbsp. activated vegetable charcoal. Whip everything vigorously until you get a homogeneous consistency.

3 / Clean a tube of empty mascara, remove the wiper, then sterilize it with boiling water. You can also buy an empty tube ready to use (at Aroma-Zone, for example).

4 / Transfer the preparation in the tube, using a syringe, a pipette or a thin socket bag.

5 / Let cool before applying to the eyelashes. To keep three months, fresh.

The trick for a colorful mascara

To make a colored mascara, simply replace the vegetable charcoal with pigments or natural dyes, the color of your choice. These are bought in organic store.

- for a hazelnut shadechoose chestnut powder.
- for a blue version, prefer indigo iron oxide.

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