Tweed jacket, quilted bag and black dress, 15 pieces inspired from Chanel to shopper at an affordable price!

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Tweed jacket, quilted bag and black dress, 15 pieces inspired from Chanel to shopper at an affordable price!

"There is no fashion if she does not go down the street" said Gabrielle Chanel. For 36 years at the head of Haute Couture, Karl Lagerfeld has perpetuated this adage. The artistic director has modernized the tweed, brought up to date the two-tone shoes and the marine style. Fashion pieces that today are timeless. The Kaiser of fashion has thus broken the bourgeois image of the brand to make it more mainstream. From then on, ready-to-wear brands are inspired by this legacy and offer affordable clothing and accessories, to the delight of Chanel admirers.

The timeless little black dress

It is no longer necessary to present this piece, become a must in the house camellias. Created in 1926, the little black dress is the garment that every woman must absolutely have in her wardrobe. During the presentation of the spring / summer 2019 collection, Karl Lagerfeld did not lack the genius to reinvent this piece. Transparent, in tulle, or in tight lycra, time has no influence on this iconic dress.

And the little dress is not only reserved for burials. On the contrary, it becomes a flagship outfit for theend of year holidays or evenings placed under the sign of glamor. Nothing prevents you from wearing it off-beat with a perfecto style jacket for a rock note, a pair of white sneakers for a casual side or with a pair of colorful pumps to play the card of the femme fatale.

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These iconic pieces borrowed from men

In 1924, Coco Chanel became a close friend of Hughes Richard Arthur Grosvenor, reputedly the richest man in England. She borrows elements of male costume, such as the sweater, the coat, but especially the beret. She then adapts them to the feminine outfit, which she wishes modern and dynamic, combining comfort with elegance. And in the small marine freshwater category, it's not just Jean paul Gaultier who is hiding behind the sailor. Coco Chanel is one of those precursors who have made this sailor's dress a must in our cloakroom. Since then, Karl Lagerfeld has often redesigned it by adding the two interwoven Cs, as was the case for the Fall / Winter collection in 1988. With a jeans high waist or a pleated midi skirt, this striped knit is unanimous and still fits must-have this summer.

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The years go by and the tweed does not seem to take any crease. With his incredible stroke of pencil, Karl Lagerfeld paid tribute to Coco Chanel by modernizing the essential tailor-skirt tweed without tainting the quintessence impulsed by its creator. Pink acidulous, black deep or even fluorescent yellowKaiser of fashion has been able to renew the Chanel DNA.

And this year, for the spring-summer collection, this fabric marks its return to the ready-to-wear brands. On skirts, dresses, jackets and even handbags, tweed comes in all its forms. And no Tweed is not old. On the contrary, he even plays overtime. With a pants in faux leather or one jeans gross, a pair of sneakers or elegant shoes, the tweed piece has its place in a look both chic and casual.

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Mythical bags

If there is a mythical bag from Chanel that all fashionistas want to add to their collection, this is the bag 2.55. Recognizable by his rectangular shape and his quilted black leatherThis accessory appeared in February 1955, hence its name. When Karl Lagerfeld took over the house in 1983, the artistic director kept his golden chain but has declined under all the colours. Yellow, red, green or blue, this flashy model brings a touch of pep's to a total look in white or denim.

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Another bag no longer has a reputation in the category of it-bag double C mark. "Boy", bag with a masculine look, was imagined by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 to pay tribute to the love story between Gabriel Chanel and Etienne de Balsan, a rich French rider. By its rock look, its metal clasp and its thick chain, the "Boy" quickly became a staple of the camellia house. This season, the ready-to-wear brands do not miss an opportunity to decline it in many colors but also in PVC, great trend of this spring / summer season. A must for the beautiful days that arrive.

Practical and elegant shoes

Distinguished and ultra-feminine, two-tone sandals and ballet flats have made a name for themselves in the shoe closet it-girls. Because of their color black and beigethey blend perfectly with all your outfits. With a boyfriend jeans gently rolled up at the bottom, a little black dress or a jumpsuit, the two-tone shoe is a safe bet. Finally it is well known, Gabriel Chanel liked to feminize the wardrobe of these gentlemen. The creator of the double-C house imagined slippers and others loafers ultra-glamorous to wear everyday. What to bring a touch boyish to your sets in Prince of Wales printed trousers or leather skirt and white blouse.

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Fine and golden jewels

At Chanel, it's not diamonds, but the pearls that are the best friends of the woman. This accessory was an integral part of Ms. Coco's uniform. Incarnation of chic and elegance, the Pearl necklace is simple or in saltire. A fantasy, embellished with chains, which the Kaiser did not fail to add to his outfits during parades. Another accessory has also become the symbol of the Chanel house: the camellia. White flower very appreciated by Madame Coco, she quickly flowered in the form of a brooch and deposited her delicate petals on the headlines and the earrings of the brand. A flower that Karl Lagerfeld did not hesitate to add on his many sketches.

With its jewels, the brand continues to shine brightly. In 1932, the Chanel house launched its Comets collection. Shooting stars and constellations bring all their brilliance to rings, bracelet and earrings.

Finally precursor and a bit rebellious, the man with dark glasses liked to sublimate the silhouettes of each woman. In the 1990s, Karl Lagerfeld imagined a chain belt elegantly marking the size of his models. Sophisticated, she completed tweed shorts or a black dress. This season, this vintage accessory is back and finds its place on boyfriend jeans, flare pants or combi.

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All you have to do is go into your favorite stores and add a few drops of Chanel's legendary perfume No. 5 to perfect your outfit.

Discover our selection of 15 Chanel inspired pieces to shop in your favorite stores!

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