Urinary leakage: 7 simple tips to prevent them

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Urinary leakage: 7 simple tips to prevent them

We often hear about the perineum for the first time during pregnancy. Yet this set of muscles that extend like a hammock from the pubis to the coccyx plays a vital role in the development of women throughout life. It supports the organs housed in the small pelvis (bladder, uterus, rectum) and contributes to a satisfactory sexuality. When it lacks tone, the sensations are less intimate relationships. An exhausted perineum also provides less tightness of the sphincters, resulting in an increased risk of urinary leakage and incontinence. More than 6 million women would be affected. And when the pelvic floor is out of breath, prolapse (organ descent) can occur. Better not to inflict trauma. "The objective is not to muscle enormously its perineum but to favor its elasticity and its mobility", emphasizes Efféa Aguiléra, therapist specializing in perinology, author of A happy perineum is possible! (ed. The mail of the book).

Rebalance your posture to prevent urinary leakage

The perineum is not dissociated from the rest of the body. "Because of its position and function, it actively participates in the balance of the skeleton through the play of muscle chains with which he is linkedEfféa Aguiléra explains that if our column is not well aligned, compensation mechanisms are put in place: a knee rotates and the pelvis tilts to counterbalance the distortion for example.These adjustments have repercussions on the perineum because its Bindings on the bones stretch out too much, resulting in too much stress, and it wears out over time.
The wearing of high heels also weakens it. By moving the center of gravity forward, it tilts the pelvis and increases the pressure on the perineum. Book them only for special occasions.

Choosing the right office chair to prevent urinary leakage

"Chairs, armchairs and sofas bring us ... and our perineum withEfféa Aguiléra remarked that one of his worst enemies is the office chair with wheels, which causes little movement and generates parasitic micro-movements that clench the lumbar spine and put the perineum under tension. In the long run, to maintain its vitality, prefer a fixed seat with an elevated support under the feet to relax the psoas, muscles that connect the thighs to the lower back and interfere with the perineum.

Correct your diet to avoid urinary leakage

Overweight and perineal do not mix because the excess pounds increase the pressure on the pelvic floor. Suddenly, its dynamism fades gradually and urinary leakage is increasing. An American study has shown that the risk of leakage is thus six times higher in women with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40. Limit sweet foods and bet on fruits and vegetables that are low in calories. . They also provide a lot of fiber, valuable to fight against constipation and facilitate the evacuation of stool without forcing on the perineum.

Betting on the hypopressive gym to tone the perineum

"The exercises of tight-relaxed perineum are not very effective because they solicit only 1 / 5th of the muscular fibers of the pelvic floor, those of the voluntary contraction", says Sonia Petrau-Gay, physiotherapist specializing in perineal reeducation Thalazur Carnac.To mobilize them all, better" to empty "in the abdomen to suck the organs up and induce reflex contraction of the perineum This is the principle of the hypopressive gym.We start by blowing deeply then we simulate a powerful inspiration through the nose, but without taking air.The diaphragm then rises under the ribs and the belly is hollow. apnea 25 seconds before releasing This exercise can be practiced sitting or standing Repeated every day, it doubles the tone of the perineum.

Limit risky sports to prevent urinary leakage

"The abs that inflate the stomach, such as Crunches, skim the perineum", says Anna Roy, midwife, author of Are we talking about my perineum? (Marabout ed). Jogging, tennis, zumba, volleyball and weightlifting do the same because they create jerks and overpressure in the pool. Caution also with the trampoline: 80% of the followers are affected by urinary leakage during the exercise, according to the French Association of urology (AFU). Go for cycling, rollerblading, active walking, swimming or yoga.

Ban the stop-pee

Do not block the urine stream during urination. "This bad habit frustrates the reflex closure of the sphincters and makes the bladder do not empty completely."says Prof. François Haab, surgeon-urologist.For term, this promotes leaks and urinary tract infections, without really muscle the perineum.

Dispel the stress

"The perineum is the receptacle of unconscious tensionsEfféa Aguiléra believes that the stress of modern life and emotional insecurity induce contractures in the body, the perineum also gives way and finally gives way.The stress also blocks the breathing: instead of being full, it becomes superficial And as the perineum works in mirror with the diaphragm, the main respiratory muscle, its mobility is reduced.To turn the tide, initiate yourself to singing or laughing yoga.

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