Vidéo – Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015) her beauty tutorial to make up on a train

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Vidéo - Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015) her beauty tutorial to make up on a train

While she has just returned from Palm Springs (USA) where she attended the music festival Coachella, the former Miss France takes the train. She posted a beauty tutor on his Instagram account. The goal ? Show that one can create a natural make-up even when traveling. She even explains what products she uses!

A complexion with transparency

In this tutorial more than two minutes, the young woman describes, step by step, the way she does things. She begins by using an eyelash curler, then she applies concealer that lays on the contour of the eye, chin and forehead with a sponge specially designed for the make-up. It then camouflages its redness and imperfections thanks to a corrector : this action is localized, so as not to have too much material on the face.

Then comes the time to work the eyebrows: they play a very important role in the dynamics of a face. Adopt the good form is paramountbut how to draw them too. Camille Cerf opts for a special kit and applies the powder on her eyebrow. No need to put too much, at the risk of making your line too strict and harden your features.

She goes to tan that she puts with the help of a kabuki brush by drawing the shape of a three: forehead, cheekbones, chin. Then she puts a little bit of translucent powder to matify the T zone (Front, chin, nose). The Miss also does a contouring by putting a little bit of dark powder on the edges of his nose. To perfect his complexion, a illuminator is placed on the temples.

Eyes and a mouth highlighted

At the level of the eyes, the young woman draws a line of black eyeliner then applies mascara to open her eyes. On the mouth, she begins by delineating the outline of her lips with a pencil and then she simply adds a gloss rosewood. Result: a fresh and ultra bright makeup!

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