Virginie Efira: from bimbo presenter to glamorous actress, her fashion evolution in 40 looks

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Virginie Efira: from bimbo presenter to glamorous actress, her fashion evolution in 40 looks

Franco-Belgian actress celebrates Sunday, May 5th, her 42 years. After debuting as a host on Belgian television in 1998, M6 landed her and brought her back to Paris in 2003. Promoted quickly, the channel's favorite entertainment leader, Virginie Efira squats the small screen of the French, imposing its natural and straightforward, from M6 to Canal Plus.
But the desire to rub the big screen catches up and she finally gives up her career as a presenter to focus solely on cinema in 2010. First subscribed to romantic films, she tries a more dramatic register in 2015 and finds the public and critical consecration in "Victoria" of Justine Triet the following year. Even the Inrockuptibles then calls it " génialissime ! Result: her role as a mother constantly on the brink of nerve crisis and in love with her baby sitter (the brilliant Vincent Lacoste) allows her to win the Magritte for the best actress in Belgium and to be named to the César too. Since then, it is no longer stopped : we saw her at the poster of "She "by Paul Verhoeven (with whom she is making a new film for that matter), she was part of the dream team of "Big Bath" of Gilles Lellouche before melting hearts in "An impossible love", the adaptation of Christine Angot's autobiographical novel, where she replies to the actor Niels Schneider ... whose rumor says that today they would both be in love, in real life.

Look Virginie Efira: from popular presenter to canon actress

To see her today as comfortable and delightful in front of the camera, we would almost forget the unsteady debut of Virginie Efira at the time when she tumbles into the television set of the French.
The blond hair too pronounced and the face baby, she tries to impress by appearing very woman in looks visibly too sexy: she multiplies the plunging necklines, shorts and skirts too short ... It's too much and that sees. When it is successful, we think of a neo Marilyn, when it is too much support, we think rather of a junk Britney Spears!
It also succumbs to all the trends of the time: dog collars, men's vests, overlays, boot cut jeans and almost trumpet.
But over the years, she refines her tastes and asserts them with conviction. Yes, she likes black and white, yes she loves leather jackets and rock looks and, yes, she likes to play with her feminine curves. In the city, she often goes out in jeans / sneakers, but she likes to dress for special occasions.

>> Back in image on the fashion evolution of Virginie Efira in the space of 15 years!

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