Visual fatigue: 8 tips to relieve your eyes in the office

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Visual fatigue: 8 tips to relieve your eyes in the office

cThe symptoms of visual fatigue

Three out of four French people are subject to visual fatigue according to an Ipsos study conducted in 2014. This phenomenon usually occurs at the end of the day and results in:

  • red eyes, which shoot or itchy (dry eye)
  • a less clear view
  • a view that doubles up

What are the causes ?

It is caused in others by screens that accompany users from sunrise to sunset, especially if it works in front of a computer.

In front of a screen, the gaze is focused on close objects, the muscles of the eyes are therefore strongly solicited. Problem: They are not designed for this. In addition, blinking is less common, yet it allows the formation of a tear film (tears).

Visual fatigue can be accentuated by poor lighting, too much air conditioning or bad posture.

The eight tips to avoid visual fatigue

Blink your eyes regularly : Absorbed by the screen, the eyes do not blink anymore. Thinking about doing it and even exaggerating it helps to keep tears and avoid dry eye.

Take visual breaks : As your gaze is focused on a nearby object, consider looking away every 20 minutes: through the window, in the hallway ... Do not forget to take a break during the day and, if possible to get some fresh air outside one to two times in the day.

Make palming : This is a very effective eye yoga technique. Simply rub your hands against each other quickly to create heat. Then close your eyes and, with your fingers together, place your palms on your eyes so that you do not have access to the light. Be careful, the hands should cover the eyelids and not press the eyeballs. Stay in the dark for about thirty minutes. Then remove the hands and only after a few seconds, open the eyelids so as not to be dazzled.

Roll your eyes: This is another exercise from the yoga of the eyes. The idea is to swing your eyes. Look slightly up then down, then left and right. You can make circles, triangles and even the alphabet. The idea of ​​this "soft gym" is to tone the muscles that surround the eyeballs.

Massage the face : To relax your eyes, place the fingertips on your temples and pat them down to the chin. Then place them under your eyes, above the cheeks, and tap. Finally, resume the tapping of the chin to the forehead through the wings of the nose. This exercise will relax the eye area and face.

Press the center of the forehead : This is called yoga, the "third eye". It is located in the middle of the forehead between the two eyebrows. Press it with your index and your middle finger 45 seconds to 1 minute. This will relax the nervous system.

Massage the eye area : Press the inner edge of the eyes, near the nose. Then, make circles that come down under the eyes to go to the temples. The idea is to work the eye muscles.

Regularly consult an ophthalmologist : Visual fatigue can come from a visual disturbance or a bad correction. Hence the importance of consulting once a year the ophthalmologist.

All these tips were presented by eye professionals during a meeting with Nikon Optical Glasses on June 13, 2019.

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