Wear the ballerina pink of the season

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Wear the ballerina pink of the season

The pink ballerina, for whom?

This soft shade is for blond women with fair complexions and fair eyes. But also to all gray or white hair that will easily carry this pastel hue. For heavier skins and darker hair, you can also dare pink, mixed with slimmer tones to stay stylish. As you can see, pink ballerina can interfere in all dressings. And when the weather comes, it will highlight your slightly golden complexion.

Style side

Obviously, we will tend to mix pastel shades. Have fun with the blue sky, the water green, but also wear jeans, the color purple and white. Avoid associations that swear like pink ballerina with black, neon colors or green fir. Try to stay in a range of soft shades and pastel for ultra chic and safe. To keep up with the times, mix styles by breaking the codes. A jacket perfecto style in blue tones associated with loose pink fluid trousers, or why not a printed piece python gray surmounted by a pretty pink ballerina cashmere. This shade can soften a strong look or blend into a shades of soft colors.

Morpho side

Place the ballerina pink on the parts of the body that you want to highlight. If you have slender legs, opt for a soft pink cigarette pants. If your cleavage is generous, do not hesitate to highlight it with a shirt or a blazer in soft pink tones.

What about materials

At the beginning of spring, enjoy all the sweaters that evoke softness and well-being, by choosing fine cashmere, soft mohair or soft knit. You can also choose pink cotton fabrics very evocative of the good weather that comes back. Have fun !

To avoid

- Put a black or colored lingerie under soft pink

- The tone-on-tone look, which takes ten years

- Over-fitted clothes that can stink.

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