Wedding: 15 Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

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Wedding: 15 Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Keep her hair short for her wedding? A real bias, which can be really rewarding. Since the short cuts are terribly trendy these last seasons, so why not assume them until the end of the day? Here are all our tips to highlight your hair.

Texturize his short cut

Do you want to stay in simplicity? You will get an original hairstyle but true to your image, just by boosting your cut. Stylish your pixie cut to make it look a little smoother with gel, loop or crepe your square, give a wick effect to your short cut with a hair waxor carve lashes all around your face.

Partially cheat

You can use of the hair extensions which are easily clipped into roots. Not to gain length, but rather Curvature and volume overall, if you want to create for example a voluminous lock on the front of the face or a bangs.

Bet on accessories

Combs, headband, brooches, headbands, beads, flowers ... the accessories are perfect for give style to short hair. Our advice: choose them in total harmony with the theme of the dress and / or the wedding. To think about your overall look is the key to success. Mostly, make sure that it does not exceed 1/4 of the hairstyle, not to overload the whole. The most glam? A custom made by hairdresser and florist with foliage or branches and fresh flowers.

Attempt a small tie

It's quite possible for a pro, as soon as the hair reaches the nape of the neck, to create a little hair bun down, a hull, a banana or a small braid. The secret: a technique of creping, and a set of wicks placed in the good sense.

Do not neglect the color

For some, if they are ready to pass the course, the originality will also be able to go through the color box. By daring a more intense or contrasting coloryou can change your style radically without cutting. For example, you can crack for a pretty bright blonde, a sexy red or pretty caramel reflections. What give a sophisticated touch to your short haircut.

Thanks to Sophie Bauçais, L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser ambassador and Sophie Bauçais salon designer.

Find all our ideas for bridal hairstyles for short hair

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In video, our ideas for a sublime bridal hairstyle:

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