What and how to wear in the summer of 2021: trends in women’s clothing

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What and how to wear in the summer of 2021: trends in women’s clothing

What should be summer clothes? First of all, it is as light and comfortable as possible, and besides that, it is also stylish, fashionable, corresponding to the image and situation. And as for women’s clothing for hot days, all girls want to look as trendy as possible! We decided to find out in more detail what exactly is worth buying for the summer season-2021, where to wear these things and what is better to combine them with.

Denim clothing is always relevant regardless of the season. But in the summer, it is snow-white cotton-based denim that looks great, lightweight, thin and well-stretched. White jeans for the summer are a must-have in your wardrobe. Choose cropped models or models with cuffs. Do not take tight jeggings – this style is a thing of the past. Designers recommend stocking up on bananas or wide flared jeans. The waist, as in the previous season, remains high – this makes the figure visually slimmer, lengthens the legs and stretches the silhouette.

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What can I wear with white jeans?

White jeans are so versatile that they can be paired with absolutely anything. Complete with a basic jersey T-shirt or short top, it will be perfect for city walks. Want to wear white jeans to the office? Match them with a business-style blouse.

Fashion looks with white jeans