What ceremonial clothes to wear after 50 years?

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What ceremonial clothes to wear after 50 years?

After 50 years, the goal is to be rejuvenated by his style and look without falling into vulgarity or "merrymaking". While your body may thicken and become less firm, it is important not to camouflage yourself in shapeless clothes. On the contrary, the small defects that you want to hide will be even better in the appropriate clothing. Always keep in mind to stay dynamic and chic in all circumstances.

The pantsuit with sidebands

It is an excellent compromise between classicism and modernity. It brings a look that is both chic and cool that will find its place in all your receptions. Choose a pretty fallen if you wear it with flat sandals or loafers. But also dare compensated sandals or timeless pumps. We particularly appreciate the slimming effect of the sideband on the pants. And if your jacket is well adjusted, it will perfectly enhance your cleavage. You can also afford more pants if you have roundness in the thighs.

3 holes dress

It is ideal because its shape structures your silhouette without molding you and make appear the little belly that you seek to hide. It is chosen in muslin or thicker cotton, according to his tastes. Sleeve styles - to hide the upper arms - are also a good option. Also think of the small details on the dress, like a drape or zips that draw well the silhouette.

The pencil skirt

Always timeless and stylish, the pencil skirt suits your style perfectly with chic. Knee length, it will be perfect for your formal wear, accompanied by a blouse that will sublimate your neckline. Add a nice pair of pumps to lengthen your legs and you'll be perfect. If you have sensitive feet, opt for lower heels (specialized brands) that combine comfort and elegance.

The colorful jacket

To have a pretty dynamic look, think of the colorful tailor's jacket. It is worn with a fluid dress and will make you look pretty bohemian and chic.

Jackets with zipper details, as particularly fond of our first lady, contribute to style and a lot of character.

The pants combination

It's the all-in-one garment that lets you - depending on the accessorization - be in turn ultrachic or more casual. For a ceremony, opt for sophisticated and flashy accessories. To you the jewels sandals, the necklaces, the pocket or the stole that warms the shoulders in the early evening. Happy Birthday !

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