What colors to combine with white for a modern look after 50 years?

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What colors to combine with white for a modern look after 50 years?

With primary colors

White mixes with the whole chromatic circle with more or less success. If you want to get out of "classic" associations (white and beige or white and black), put blue, red and yellow in your wardrobe. These shades will give you a toned look. On white pants, a yellow sweater will illuminate your face. Ditto for a bright red cardigan on a pristine skirt. All accessorized with selected details of the same tone as your color top!
If you are blonde, go for the green, on the red if you are brown or brown. Redheads will dare blue. Finally, the gray or white hair will be tempted by all associations of primary colors, which will highlight hair and complexion.

With secondary colors

You can also bet on all the mixtures of several colors. They give what are called secondary colors. It's purple, orange, green but also fuchsia pink or shades of blue. Enjoy the sobriety of a fluid white dress to add an orange bolero, while a light white coat will calm down green cigarette pants. And according to your hair? The bottle green sublimates the gray or white hair and the blondes will carry very well the pink fuchsia. As for the brunettes, it's the purple they need!

AT to avoid

- Mix more than 3 colors in an outfit

- Wear orange when you're blonde

- Wear yellow when you are red

- The olive green if you have gray or white hair.

To you, the pretty spring looks!

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