What dress to go to a wedding? Tips and trend selection

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What dress to go to a wedding? Tips and trend selection

Let's be honest: we had the good news that we were going to party at a new wedding, which was not immediately overtaken by the reality principle: " but what am I still going to be able to put? ".
Level puzzle, getting dressed for a wedding is almost as complicated as choosing one's outfit before going to a job interview. Between the bride who must not steal the show, the uncertain weather and the desire to be chic without making crates (or ruin unnecessarily with pieces that will never succeed to postpone), there is enough to give up.

What dress to wear for a wedding: the case of the little black dress

It is believed to be forbidden and reserved for burial dress, but not necessarily. If you like to remain discreet or just want to erase some curves, the black dress is your ally in all circumstances.
Chic and sober by nature, the choice of such a dress still requires to be vigilant on all the rest of the outfit: it is no to black accessories, not also to the suit jacket of the same color. Do not forget: marriage is something joyful. To brighten up a black dress, let go of the shoes (the more they will talk about them, the more you will forget that you are wearing a black dress) and multiply the beautiful jewels There's nothing better than a pretty wrist watch and a pair of colorful feather dangling earrings to draw attention away from your dress.

And to break the somewhat stilted side of the black dress, why not succumb to the temptation of wicker bags, all cute round that will bring a little country look immediate?

What dress to wear for a wedding: models that work every time

1: The shirt dress. She has everything for her: neither too ample, nor too close to the body, it adapts to all morphologies and all styles. On the other hand, the shirt-dress can have a cool side that must absolutely be tamed. The solution: add a belt to structure the silhouette and unbutton it slightly to feminize.
2: The midi dress. Timeless and versatile, it's the length that wins every time. It highlights the legs without revealing too much and brings a retro side that has its charm: we choose it straight and close to the body when we are filiform, or flared when we have curves to highlight its pin-up shapes .
3: The polka dot dress. Printed side, it's a safe bet. 20 years later, when you fall back on the photos of this wedding, you will not have to blush your look. Peas go through the years without ever having a ride.
Good too: all the exotic prints and summer, starting with the flowers.

4: The Red dress From poppy to bordeaux to carmine red, it's the chicest color to wear. So the most suitable for these kinds of occasions.

Dresses for a wedding: all models NEVER wear

1: The white dresses. If you want to keep the bride among your friends, you should not make her any competition. And even if it departs from tradition and marries a colorful model, impossible to point to her wedding with a pristine dress. Nude, in a pinch ... but if, and only if, you add flashy accessories.
2: The sexy dresses. It's not just color that counts. If you do not want to get angry with the bride, it's up to you to be vigilant not to steal the show with a dress too short, too transparent or too outrageously low-cut that could attract all eyes.

Last advice If you're out of inspiration, check out the looks of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, queens of protocol and trends. By imitating their style, no fashion faux-pas in sight.

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