What fabric to wear when it's hot in the summer?

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What fabric to wear when it's hot in the summer?

Hot weather alert, alert to the jigsaw puzzles. You have just risen up before temperatures rise above twenty degrees. In front of your dressing room, it's the drama to find the perfect outfit in case of hot blow ! Even though little dresses light or combinations Fluids do not miss the call, you do not know what to put on your back.

Early in the morning, all possible and unimaginable scenaris cross your mind. Yellowish underarms under the armpits, small drop of sweat on the back of your blouseyou want to wake up from this nightmare.

Whether during your trip on public transport or for your day at work, you want to find the look as elegant as it is comfortable. Outside is the furnace and it is unthinkable to put on this little light top that would stick to you very quickly to the skin.

In order to avoid all the little discomforts fashion, here is a short list materials to be preferred in case of peak heat! To your labels, ready, go for it!

We opt for natural materials

When temperatures exceed 25 degrees, lightweight and breathable materials will be your best allies. But you think that being comfortable in a heat wave, it's not going to be cotton… Think again ! This plant fiber is a must of the summer for its natural and airy appearance. Thanks to its light weave, it lets air circulate and fits as a remedy against heat. And if it comes from organic and fair farming, it's even better! The opportunity for you to come out a nice little top with strap at thestar print of summer !

What would a summer be without a dress or little shorts (and yes, we even dare to work) in linen ? Although this material has the bad habit of creasing quickly, it is nonetheless a must have summer! Recognizable by its silky fiber, linen gives a feeling of freshness that will almost forget the heat. And for a little more tenderness, fabrics made of bamboo or crepe are also recommended. Its natural fibers absorb perspiration and allow your skin to breathe! What else?

To be glamorous in a heat wave? It's possible ! For that we put on sailing, the lace or cotton muslin.

Topics to avoid this summer

The synthetic may be fantastic, but not in hot weather! Even though it is UV resistant, this material is more stuffy and less breathable. Consequences: intoxicating smells of perspiration can tickle your sense of smell and a pearl of sweat run down your entire back.

Trendy, glamorous and elegant, satin stands out as the star material of the season. Leave in your lingerie spirit dress or lace caracco in your wardrobe. Very comfortable to wear, satin is not at all a breathable material and can very quickly stick to your skin. A misstep that is not worthy of a fashionista of your ilk.

With this little survival guide, you're ready to face the climbing thermostat with style!

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