What is the difference between Balayage Highlights and California Highlights?

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What is the difference between Balayage Highlights and California Highlights?

Currently, there are several types of highlights that you can choose from to get a super original look change.

Balayage and Californian highlights tend to get a bit confused, but the truth is that each of these techniques has characteristics that differentiate them, both in the application and in the result.

balayage vs californian

Here you will learn how to distinguish them quickly:

Balayage Californian
Gently blends the color with the natural base tone, making a subtle blend that ends in a gradient of luminous tones with a very natural and delicate touch, revealing the color with more intensity at the ends. They only apply lighter highlights on the ends, without blurring, well marked in likeness of sunlight reflected on the hair.
The technique for its application is also different, since in the balayage the use of aluminum foil is not necessary because the wicks do not require heat In the case of Californians, this element is essential to achieve them because they are made using the same technique as with the usual highlights or highlights.
The color of the highlights blends with the natural color of the hair, making the artificial dye almost imperceptible and giving the appearance of natural reflections in the hair. They look much more marked, the light and dark are easily evident, and you can see which is the area of ​​the hair that has been dyed.
Balayage leaves a very sophisticated, delicate and subtle finish. The Californians, on the other hand, get a very striking and casual style that represents the sexy surfers of the beaches in California.

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What is the difference between Balayage and Ombré style?

It seems that every day more color techniques are added that we would all love to try to achieve a much more sensual look without looking aggressive.

The ombré style is another of those that resembles balayage, but also consists of very specific differences that you should know to identify which will be the one to surprise on your next appointment to the salon.

These are the ways in which they differ:

Balayage Ombré
Sweep the color to blend it very smoothly by applying the color with a brush and directly by hand. This particular way of coloring the hair allows the stylist to decide which strands of hair to color and which ones to leave with their natural tone.
In the end, a different intensity of colors is achieved in all the strands of hair. In addition, the curls of the hair are not touched when performing the technique, which helps girls who love natural style who do not want to have frequent color touch-ups. It is not applied to selected strands, but to the entire mane in a uniform and harmonious way. In this case, to achieve the most defined degradation, the hair is divided into two halves before starting to dye and the color effect starts from the roots and intensifies as it gets closer to the ends.

What lengths do balayage look good with?

It is very true that balayage highlights look beautiful on long hair because the stylist can use the hair as a canvas to play with the tones and the distribution of the highlights that will show off a fascinating waterfall-style gradient.

However, one of the most outstanding advantages of this application is that it is perfect for all types of cuts.

Above all, you can take advantage of the length of your hair if you put yourself in the hands of an expert. Short, fine and sparse hair will give a twist to your appearance with this effect that will add volume.

They also come great with shoulder length stockings. The gradient that will be achieved will be super chic and delicate.

Even the pixie cut can be favored by balayage highlights, they do not impose limits.

Asymmetrical, layered, ruffled Bob styles will look great in these trendy highlights.

Who can wear balayage highlights?

This technique, as we have mentioned, is intended to bring light to the hair and face without losing the naturalness in the final finish, so it goes very well in an infinite range of colors, lengths and types of hair.

It’s not true that balayage only looks pretty on girls with long blonde hair!

In blonde hair tones, the gradient is achieved by playing with gold to platinum colors to achieve a very light finish towards the ends.

In dark brown hair, light brown to blonde tones are used to achieve striking highlights without the need to bleach the hair.

When it comes to dark hair, a very light bleaching should be done to make the gradient in light brown, caramel tones and you can add some golden sparkles for an even more luminous appearance.

Redheads can also fall in love with some charming sweep-type highlights, what is done is mixing light brown tones with gold to provide a unique shine without looking overdone.

As you can see, it does not matter if you are blonde, brunette, brunette or even black-haired, there will always be an ideal tone to wear these highlights in the style of the most sensual celebrities.

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Modern hairstyles to wear balayage highlights

This color style is so versatile that it offers different hairstyles with which you can highlight the different blends and color blends highlighting the luminosity and shine of your hair.

Just as we have seen the variety of haircuts and shades in which they can be done, I want to show you what types of hairstyles will favor you to look beautiful every day with your ideal balayage.

Elegant pigtails: An elegant high ponytail with wavy hair will create an extremely sophisticated look that combines perfectly with the range of reflections that are obtained when wearing the hair completely collected.

The effect that is achieved is really impressive if you have thick, long or extra-long hair.

Sexy waves: There is no doubt that the favorite look to wear these highlights is usually disheveled and well casual. But water waves, loose, marked, large, thick or thin loops also come into play. This sentence favors both long and medium manes, as well as short and asymmetrical styles.

Smooth mane: Although surf waves are a favorite for balayage, straight hair does not go unnoticed. It is ideal to show the visual effect generated by the degradation of tones in the hair, because it shows each of the differences in color that exist in the hair. Get a fairly sober finish.

Sideways hair: The half lopsided hair with very soft waves looks great to wear balayage highlights. With this hairstyle, the cheekbones are marked and can be worn with a ruffled fringe. In addition, this hairstyle greatly accentuates the lighter highlights that are around the face.

Versatile braids: They are in the number one position of the feminine and daring hairstyles to wear a balayage. They are the best option to show the fusion between the light and dark tones of the hair thanks to their striking fabric. You can give them a casual or very sophisticated style, the favorite for this look is the herringbone braid.

I hope you have liked it so far and can learn the difference between these two types of highlights.

And which do you choose Balayage highlights or Californian highlights?

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