What lingerie for my curves?

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What lingerie for my curves?

Tired neckline

As the years go by, the structure of the breast evolves and loses its tone. However, a lingerie well chosen miracles. The bra you need is one that combines support and shape. The test of whether you have found the rare pearl: a nice silhouette once your clothes on. The nominees are the push-up, which regalbe and gives the illusion of a high throat and more voluminous, and the version with shells with semi-rigid cups foam, which recreates the roundness of the chest. The molded models, lifting, are also very effective.

Little belly

The centerpiece specially created to hide the roundness of the can is called the panty high, especially in sheathing version and seamless. Its advantages ? It maintains and attenuates the small unsightly contours. If for you, this type of underwear is synonymous with old fashioned, think again quickly. The resurgence of the vintage style brings it to the skies: to you the retro models of color, polka dots ... Good point also for bodys, perfect when you have belly, because they perfectly unify the silhouette.

Generous chest

The best friend of the advantageous necklines is called the fitting bra. His profile ? Without foam or padding, it features high-rise frames and cups, to fit the chest and ensure a perfect fit without compressing. Prefer it with wide straps or double straps for more femininity, greater comfort in everyday life and optimal support. When fitting, make sure the side of the breast is snug, not just the top of the cup.

Buttocks and round hips

The ideal cut when you have generous hips and buttocks is the shorty. It covers the buttocks, while keeping a seductive style with its indented cut. With him, goodbye brands under your pants, exclusive classic panties that cut the buttocks. Your best friends are also called second skin Lycra or microfiber lace panties, which do not mark the forms. You'll understand, with round buttocks, avoid the half-measure, covering shortys or fine panties and indented will be more seyants.

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