What patterned pants dare after 50 years?

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What patterned pants dare after 50 years?

The prints that give style

Want a look with retro, wild or floral? All patterns are there to instill style in your outfit. For a retro touch, the polka dots, stripes or check will look good and give 60's accents. The little wild note will also intrude in your looks with elegance thanks to the python print of the season or the timeless leopard. The flowers will come to perfect the romantic looks with the Liberty print or with more imposing floral associations with exotic accents.

What motives according to my morphology?

After 50 years, we do not forbid the reasons: on the contrary, we do not hesitate because they give a crazy pace. Wearing vertical striped pants extends the silhouette of those with strong thighs, peas and small squares go to all morphologies. However, we avoid large and graphic tiles when we have round thighs. Flowers of all sizes are easy to wear because they suit all silhouettes. It is sufficient to carefully dose the rest of the outfit without excess of prints. The animal motifs, meanwhile, are to be worn sparingly and preferably on the parts of your body that you want to highlight. By cons, we ban the total look ... whatever its morphology!

The models according to my morphology

The high-waisted trousers are suitable for all body types. If you have roundness around the waist, it will have a very appreciated sheathing effect. The finest will grow with a flexible model that does not marry the body shapes. The 7 / 8th pants, which elegantly discovers the ankles, is recommended for all body types, on the sole condition that the ankle is fine. Straight trousers boot cut, slightly flared at the bottom, tend to compact the silhouette so do not hesitate to take the height with a pair of boots or wedge sandals on the arrival of the beautiful days. Finally, do not forget to bet on accessorization to complete your look.

We mix the prints?

Of course, there are the rules that we follow in fashion, like the one that does not mix two prints in the same look. It is true that it would be more accurate to associate a high waisted with a printed stocking, but we have recently seen associations more daring such as the pants Prince of Wales on a blouse with flowers. So this spring, we dare to mix several prints without it being "bad taste". We recommend risk taking for the most experienced, the main thing is to have style after 50 years.

Thanks to Mathilde Pelletier, at Damart France

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