What shampoo to adopt for my hair white or blond?

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What shampoo to adopt for my hair white or blond?

Whether the color is natural or not, light blonde and white hair require special care to prevent orange-yellow highlights from settling. The solution ? Use once a week a treatment enriched with purple pigments which, by chromatic correction, will neutralize these undesirable sub-tones.

An invigorating shampoo: the Furterer's Okara Silver

Concentrated in okara extract (soy), rich in amino acids similar to those of keratin, this shampoo promotes the repair of damaged hair while neutralizing yellow glare. € 10.50.

An anti-pollution shampoo: the Kérastase Ultra-Violet bath

The edelweiss extract allows a high concentration of antioxidants to protect the hair from daily aggressions such as UV and pollution which weaken and dull the lengths. 23 €.

An already moisturizing shampoo: Phytoargent from Phyto Paris

A small amount is enough because the formula is very concentrated in pigments. Moisturizing it contains jojoba oil, to take care of the sensitized lengths of the discolourations. € 10.90.

A natural shampoo: Biorene's bright white shampoo

Paraben-free and silicone-free, this gentle formula contains iris to moisturize and soften gray hair, which tends to become dry and brittle when bleached. € 3.95.

An expressing shampoo express: Elseve's Violet Disjaunisseur shampoo

Very rich in purple pigments, it instantly neutralizes unwanted yellow highlights. Once a week, massage and leave for 1 to 3 minutes as needed, then rinse. € 3.90.

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