What to wear in winter 2021: trendy ideas for winter looks

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What to wear in winter 2021: trendy ideas for winter looks

The breath of winter is already clearly audible in the air, and demi-season jackets and coats, taking with them a significant part of the wardrobe, are slowly moving deep into the closets. What will take their place? What stylish clothes will help create fashionable looks for winter 2021? As always, we turn to street style stars for tips.

Down jacket

Winter looks with a down jacket occupy a leading place in winter photo reports of fashionistas. Lightweight and comfortable, down jackets and coats go well with trousers and dresses. In addition, the down jackets are so warm that all winter you can wear thin turtlenecks and your favorite blouses instead of woolen sweaters.

Pay special attention to duvets. You can hardly think of something warmer! And, mind you, you won’t have to bend under the weight of a long and voluminous coat – despite its impressive size, such a “blanket” weighs almost nothing.

Fashionable images winter 2020-2021

Sheepskin coat “aviator”

Winter jacket-sheepskin coat “aviator” is a warmed version of everyone’s favorite leather jacket. And just as versatile. Such a sheepskin coat is combined with a long skirt and tight skinny jeans.

Vest plus coat

Two pieces of outerwear in one look – such bows for the winter will help to keep warm in any weather. Wearing a warm, quilted vest under your woolen coat is practical, stylish and very fashionable.

Winter looks with a coat

Plush coat

One of the most fashionable and trendy winter clothes is still the teddy coat. It can be of any color, but the most popular are the entire palette of brown, including both light beige shades and bright honey-orange.

Knee-length models are ideally combined with high boots and skinny jeans. Midi length coats look great with tapered trousers and ankle boots.

Plush makes it possible to play with textures (especially in monochrome images). Try experimenting with smooth or exotic leather, knitwear, and denim.

Another opportunity to create an unusual combination is to combine the delicate softness of light faux fur and the rough brutality of black platform boots in one look. Playing on contrasts in this way will be as effective as possible.

Fashionable bows for the winter

Coat with fur

Contrast fur trim is one of the micro-trends of the season that has every chance of getting the most points during the winter, so you may well be at the forefront of fashionistas if you choose a coat with a contrasting fur collar, cuffs or trim on the bottom. There will be two directions in fashion: refined classics and boho of the seventies. Choose what you like best.

Classic coat

A laconic and elegant coat in a classic style is a win-win option. It will perfectly fit not only into a conservative business style, but also perfectly complement your casual look in a casual style, combined with jeans, boots, a knitted sweater and a hat.

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